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Quixotic-Abnormal test result
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Quixotic-Abnormal test result

Fianlly an abnormal lab!!! Very low vitamin D. Script being called in!  What does this mean. I see there is a realtionship between low vitamin D and MS. What about peripheral neuropathy?

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Interesting! I had an endocrinologiy consult back in November to humor the CCF doc (both my PCP and the endocrinologist thought it was not necessary). The only thing this doc found in his testing was very low vitamin D. I've been taking 1Kmg daily since. Something to think about. Did not know it was associated with MS. Hmmmmmm

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Found this information for you somwhere on the net, I just did a cut & paste. Hope it helps.

Low levels are seen with fibromyalgia  & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Dr. Teitelbaum in Townsend Letter, "Vitamin D deficiency has also been implicated in CFS "
Suggested as benefiting CFS patients  
Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency
Weak Muscles  
Pains in legs and muscles  
Hearing Loss
Muscle spasms caused by a low calcium level  
Weight gain / Obesity (may be acting thru reduction of Calcium levels)
Aggravation of the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease  
Health Risk of low Vitamin D (especially 1,25D)
Allows infections to enter the brain (Blood-Brain Barrier fails)
"Association between low levels of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D and breast cancer risk"
"levels of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D decline, and thus intestinal calcium absorption declines"
Vitamin D is a major controller of the entire immune system. Depressing vitamin D will turn down (or off) the immune system so you immune-response symptoms may disappear -- however, it also means that the infections that you have will no longer be fought and will rapidly reproduce.
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Very interesting. Very helpful! I recently had an abnormal emg for 3/4 limbs dx peripheral neuropathy. I can't seem to find a relationship btw the 2.

I am taking 50000iu 3x per week for 3 weeks then back for blood work.
I am having a hard time believing this could have debilitated me so much.

You guys have NEVER seen anyone so excited for an abnormal lab in your life!! My husband even got a gleam in his eye. I think it was more of "The only thing that stands between me and a good home cooked meal is a little vitamin D!!!"

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I totally understand abut the excited abnormal lab result ! Its like finally something to confirm your not going mad.  I get all my blood lab results next week.  Hope your feeling a little better with the extra dose now.
Keep us posted.
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do people with fibromylagia (fibromyalgia) have lesions on the brain located in deep white matter????
thanks Cherby
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Please go look at this website:

Fibro is not characterized by white matter lesions in the brain.

I hope you get some much helpful information about the testing involved in Fibro.


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Oh Rebecca...I am so happy that you finally got an answer!  I think we can all relate to it, the excitement of any answer even if it is positive or negative at least IT'S AN ANSWER DAMN IT!!

I think that husband of yours should take that twinkle in his eye and take you out and buy dinner with it (if he knows what's good for him)!

It's too bad that we find ourselves in a situation where good news or bad news, who cares...IT"S NEWS!

Lots of Hugs

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Interesting you bring up Vit D, I too found out I had extremely low Vit D while going through this limbo land and have an appointment with an Endocrinologist this week. Though I've also heard most Americans suffer at some point from low Vit D.

My neurologist mentioned that Vit D and calcium are processed through the parathyroid that when is not in check can have similar symptoms to what I'm going through, and it looks like a lot of MS symptoms. I guess there is a pretty easy calcium test you can take to check for parathyroid involvement.

Hope these test results bring you some answers!
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I have intermittent very low Vit.D readings also.

J Fizz

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I'm glad you got answer.At least this something you can do something about. Being that we have a long winter here and not usually a lot of sunshine, I have been taking Vit. D in the late fall to early spring for about 2 years now. I just figure it is something that can't hurt to try and who knows how worse I would feel if I didn't.

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I also have very low Vitamin D.  I think most of the U.S. does, it's just that now the conventional medicine doctors are actually checking levels.  I have read that high levels of Vitamin D can ward off MS, but I have never read that it is a cause of MS.

However, low vitamin D has been linked to breast and colon cancer and osteoporosis.

Also, if anyone is hypothyroid, vitamin D deficiency occurs because the receptors in the cells for vitamin D are the same as those for thyroid hormone.  So hypothyroidism and Vitamin D deficiency go hand in hand.

I have extremely low B12 (the lowest level the doctor has ever seen), severely low Vitamin D, and Craig is the one with muscle weakness.  Go figure...

I am glad you got an answer.  I hope they can now help you.

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The vitamin d thing is interesting for several reasons. One i am a cheese lovin girl. Yogurt yummmmmm! I live in Virginia beach and can't give up my cooper tone number 8. I garden and I am outside all the time.

I am trying really hard to see this as the possible answer however I just can not believe that a vitamin D deficiency could cause the degree of issues I have had. I do not see a link btw this and abnormal EMG.  Vertigo  and so on....................

I see my PCP today to see where we are in this process. Last group of test from neuro are all normal. Including the Western blot test. I am going to try to be positive and think that these giant green pills could bring me some relief.

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Quix commented on the link between vitamin D and MS on another thread last month. I'm pasting the most relevant bit below, but will also bump up the thread.

"The studies looking at whether supplemental Vit D is beneficial in 'treating MS symptoms' have been pretty conclusive that it is not.  It is also not harmful, done in moderation...

The link to Vit D levels appears to be in the causation of MS, that living in a latitude with low sunshine in the early years of life appears to be one factor of MANY in predisposing to developing MS.  It would seem intuitive that supplementing with it would improve MS, but studies have not borne this out."
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