Riding a bicycle
by syndismilez, Mar 31, 2009
Hi!   Sorry it had been so long!  Just healing from my hysterectomy! :). Yeah to get that over with!

Do any of you have a problem with riding a bicycle?
When I pedal, my right foot will follow the pedal to a certain point, then the pedal
rolls under it. It is like the foot keeps pointing down and I can't get it to
cooperate!  I don't know if this would be considered foot drop or not.
I can get it to work if I bear down on the pedal hard. But as soon as I forget
about it, it falls off!
Just wondering if this has happened to any of you.

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by essdipity, Mar 31, 2009
Hi, Cyn. I'm happyp, to see you, and glad your operation is over with.

I don't know whether your problem is technically foot drop, but I know a way to find out. Get a doctor, your PCP or any other, to refer you to physical therapy for an evaluation. There your limitations can be quantified and possibly treated. Most insurance will cover at least this much.

Haang in there,

by syndismilez, Mar 31, 2009
Thanks!  That is a great idea!  Really hadn't thought about doing that!
I do have leg spacisity so PT would help that too!
Also, Congrats on becoming our new community leader!!!
Way to Go!
by Lulu54Blank, Mar 31, 2009
Hi Smilin' Cyn,
The bicycle stroke you are describing happens to me in the gym.  My trainer has me off of the bike because the only thing that gets worked is my left leg.  The right one is just along for the free ride!

Check out the PT suggestion and see what they say about your hitchhiker.