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Anyone think that sleep disorders can mimic MS symptoms?

Could sleep disorders contribute to heat intolerance?

My neuro is sending me for a sleep study based on some small abnormalities on an EEG I had done after blacking out for a few seconds. Wow, that was a long sentence. =)

I'm confused...what's new though right!?!

Is this just part of the exclusion process? Anyone else sent for a sleep study?

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I don't think sleep disorders minic MS.  I do think many with MS have sleep disorders.  It might be from pain.  That is usually what wakes me.

It may be part of the exclusion process but is confusing....because not everyone with MS has a sleep disorder...It just goes round and rounds...Doesn't it?
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Hi Kelly,

I don't believe that sleep disorders mimic MS symptoms.  

There could be some things that are similar, such as fatigue, restless leg syndrome etc.  People with MS sometimes also have Sleep Disorders.  Some of the symptoms may be related though, like fatigue, waking up through the night--things like that.

Did your doctor tell you why he is having you do this?  He is most likely doing everything he can to help you by diagnosing/treating you.  Do you know what the irregularity is?

I have MS and was referred for a sleep study too.  

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Sleep disorders like restless leg syndrome and apnea are fairly common with MS patients and that is according to my lung doctor who says she sees these issues in her patients with MS.  Now that is just one doctor's observations so take it as you wish.

It has been my experience with neurologists that if you are having fatigue as a symptom and are in the diagnosis process for MS, that you may get a sleep study ordered.  This is not unusual at all.

I highly encourage you to go for the sleep study.  I had no idea that I was having moderate/severe apnea until I did mine.  Like the others said, it is not a mimic of MS but is good to use as a baseline even if things are completely normal.

Your doctor has something on his mind that he wants to check out and unless you asked him on the spot about it and we all forget to do that when we're being handed scripts. It just catches us off guard.

I hope you don't have significant issues with your sleep, but it good to get it checked out.  

Take care.

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I'm looking forward to the sleep study. I'm hoping it does provide some answers. As I've said in some other posts.

I LOVE to sleep!

I don't snore...this is according to hubby and ENT doc who did my sinus surgery earlier this year.

I don't move around a lot. again...according to my hubby.

I rarely ever get up to use the bathroom during the night.

So it'll be interesting to see what comes of this. Like I've said, I'm glad he's taking me seriously and hopefully things will get figured out soon.

He is betting it will come back abnormal. However, he said he is trying to rule out the different systems in the body. If it comes back normal then he said to have PCP schedule appts with cardiologist and rheumatologist.

He also didn't say anything specific regarding EEG. He said it may just be 'normal' for me to have some spikes. He has put me on Keppra to see if that makes a difference...he thinks it won't and that I can just stop taking it after a couple of weeks.

Thanks again everyone!
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I can totally relate to "loving my sleep!!"   I love it, cherish it, and no one better do anything to mess with it.

One of the pulmonologists called me last week about my sleep study cpap results. He asked if I ever have problems falling sleeping and I said no way.  Just point me in the direction of a bed and off to snoozeland I go.  He said that probably explained my sleep latency result which is how long it takes to fall asleep once in bed.  My time was 8 minutes. Normal is around 20 minutes.  

That is why is shocked me to see that I was actually not getting that good sleep at all.  My study also showed that although I do have some snoring, it was fairly quiet and not that significant.  

Do you have your test scheduled yet? It's actually quite an interesting experience if you don't mind being watched all night.  Geez, wouldn't you love to see those videos after wards.  

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