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Second visit MS Specialist tomorrow...ADVICE?
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Second visit MS Specialist tomorrow...ADVICE?

I have my second appt with the MS Specialist tomorrow.
On my first visit he did a thorough neuro exam, looked at my MRI's, watched me walk, etc.
He said I PROBABLY have MS.

He sent me for two more MRI's, brain and spine with contrast.  Results were no lesions on spine.
I haven't seen the reports yet but will get copies tomorrow.

My question is, what should I cover tomorrow in terms of making sure my bases are covered.
I will have a list of questions.  I will ask about a definitive diagnosis and what else needs to be done.
I will ask about a DMD.

Any other advice about what i should ask?  
Also, ho much time is typical for the next visit?
I don't have neurologist so , this doc is the only one I'll see in terms of. Neurologist.

As always thanks so much and wish me luck.

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I am sorry you are going through this.  I have transcribed a lot of MRI reports, and my understanding is that diagnosis is made when the number of typical brain lesions of MS are detected.  They would usually do a brain and cervical MRI and see how many there were.  Sometimes there aren't enough to qualify for the diagnosis the first time around, but then followup MRIs in later years would show progression and then definitive diagnosis could be made.  So it is often not a quick diagnosis, and doctors tend to have to say what yours said - that it is his best theory at the moment, and time will tell.  MS is very frustrating because it is so unpredictable.  Even when you have your diagnosis, symptoms come and go, and it must be unsettling not to know.  I can relate with the problems I have with Celiac disease, but I can control mine with diet, and I am grateful.  Even MS could be related to Celiac disease, so here is an article for you:
If you will look in the health pages, (top right hand corner) there is a page on what to do on a visit... I wish you the best and please let us know what he says...

I'll be praying,
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