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Seen my Neurologist the results and more . . .
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Seen my Neurologist the results and more . . .

Hi all,

Sorry, it took me some time to get back with you.  I saw my Neurologist, yesterday, who was "surprised" that I dropped by, instead of calling about the results of my latest MRI.  He is the one, who first told me, don't bother coming in, just call and I will tell you the results, then in turn, had the receptionist set me to come back in a month.
Well, he told me, there was nothing new, "expected results" on my latest MRI, come back in 6 months.

Oh, I don't remember, if I mentioned this, but, I had been having intermittent pain, then constant pain, then back to intermittent, so since the PCP couldn't find anything, we chalked it up to "another MS symptom", as we did.

About week ago, I got my yearly "flu shot", then last Thursday, got some symptoms like the flu, but no fever, minor sore throat, dry mouth, dry cough, lasting all night, some days, etc.  

Just as I began feeling it's grip loosen, I was hit by a possible/potential new "health hazard".

I noticed a "rash" this evening, and my Wife, checked it, and it looks like I have "shingles" of all things.
I had the chickenpox, when I was a kid, how was I to know it would come back to strike again one day.

Coincidentally, I have my annual "Well-Man's" visit, coming up Monday, with a different Doctor, besides my PCP (who prefers it, that way, new "set of eyes", etc.)

So, we shall see what he says ..

More to come

Take care and may God bless each and everyone of you,


Socrates2k1 (aka Stan)
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Hey Stan.  You're supposed to wait until you're SIXTY for that..... and then get a vaccine so you WON'T get that.  Oh geeze, hope you're wrong.  Any chance you can get into a doc (even urgent care or ER) tomorrow?  They should be able to identify shingles and there is medicine you can take to keep the outbreak (and the potentially painful neuralgia) to a minimum.  The sooner you start it the more effective it is.  Realllly suggest you try.  Good luck.

Glad the MRI was good news btw.
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glad it was not MS even tho shingles is no fun, have "been there, done that, bought the t shirt" twice now.  Am waiting for the price to come down on the vaccine....its still $288 according to my crappy insurance company (YES, am changing in January)

Seriously, sorry you have it, but twopack is right, they have meds for that and ER is not a bad call for that.  Instant medication! (well, after a prudent wait!)
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Shingles!  How awful for you!  I hope that you can get some relief soon...  I am glad to hear your mri hasn't changed-that's very good news.

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Hope its not shingles, but if it is and has been caught early enough, anti viral meds can help lessen the symptoms.

My brother in law got shingles when he was about 40...go figure!
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and the answer is . . .

Yes, I have "Shingles"

I went to the ER, this afternoon, around 2:45 pm, and was Dx'd w/ Shingles, yet I had to wait around, about 90 minutes, for an Rx.

I just returned home, about 6pm.

more later . . .

-- Socrates2k1 (aka Stan)
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I had shingles a couple of years ago at 42.  I asked for the vaccine while at my PCP check-up the other day.  At first he said yes but followed with a quick no because it is not covered if you are under fifty.  He also said it hasn't been tested for the under fifty group so there is no guarantee of it's effectiveness.  I hope the pain lessens - i describe it as someone holding a lighter to your skin and never going away.  As weird as it seems, I still get a bit of pain in that area on my back.  My rash began on my ribs under my breast and went around my back.

Good luck!
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