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Shared Solutions is Evil!
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Shared Solutions is Evil!

They approved me for there needs based program one day after my refill came.

So according to them it can't go into affect until three months from now when I reorder.

This is after they would not honor the discount plan I was accepted in in May and they did not tell me they were not honoring it until now.

Nor did they tell me about the needs based plan until the last minute. They took five days to send the paper work. They emailed the Discount program paperwork.

The kicker is this person saying "not my problem" For two weeks its never there problem.

Thanks for the Team approach to MS Shared Solutions.

O.K. I stopped foaming at the Mouth! A new Symptom of MS LOL.
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338416 tn?1420049302
Yeah, the whole medication thing bites.  I ordered a three-month supply through my specialty pharmacy, got it all set up, told them to call my neuro... I was prepared to spend $150 for three months of medication.  I'd been saving up for it.

And what do they send me?  One month's supply.  Which costs me $75 dollars.  ARRRGGHGHHH!!!!  Now I can only afford one more month of medication, instead of having the three months that I planned on having.
620877 tn?1282767697
I have a nightmare story about Medco - my husbands insurance requires that if you are taking any type of "maintenance medication" that it has to be filled by mail (you can do it online & they will mail it to you).  So I take a calcium channel blocker for my esophageal spasms - I ordered online and because I only had about 10 days left, I paid for expedited shipping.  

So I get a call from them telling me that I cannot refill my prescription yet.  Uh, but I am almost out of medication - so when am I supposed to fill it then?

She says that they give me 90 days worth of medication and put a date on the label showing the date when I can refill (typically 20 to 30 days prior to running out).  I can't refill until the magic date.

I said well then I guess I didn't get a full refill the last time you sent me the medication then, because I only have about 10 days left.  She says well according to our records, you cannot refill until xx date (20 days away) and you should have plenty of medication left.  She then asks me if I spilled, or lost or took more than was prescribed.  I said to her, this is a blood pressure medication that I take for esophageal spasms, why would I take more than was prescribed???

She doesn't know how this has happened.  So I say okay, well I am going to run out - so what do I do?  She says, call your doctor and have them give you a 1 month supply which should get you to the refill date and the time it takes to get to you by mail.

Okay - so I do that.  I get the prescription filled at my local pharmacy. (For which I get a letter from Medco saying that if I fill this prescription at the pharmacy, one more time, it will no longer be covered and I will have to pay full price for it)....

About 4 days later, I get a refill from Medco in the mail.  The day after that, I get an expedited refill delivered by UPS....I paid by credit card - which they didn't charge for the shipping....but then about a week after I recieved the expedited shipment, I got a bill for $15.00 for the shipping.....

So much for the "magic date" for refills....

The idea behind this "mail order pharmacy" is that it is supposed to be easier, more convenient and less costly for the insurance company...

Somehow I doubt that!

572651 tn?1333939396
Well aren't these all just the finest examples of how our system is broken!  
Jen, Anthem won't let me order three months at a time to save money either.  It is monthly at $50 a pop

Chrisy, Even I am confused over what Medco thought had/could/would happen with your rx.  That is crazy, but I had a similar problem.  NextRX wouldn't allow me to fill a new rx for prevacid that was twice a day. I had been on it once a day, but the doctor increased the dosage.  I used up the one a day script in half the time and then NextRX flagged my new one and wanted me to wait a couple months.... it took multiple phone calls to get it straightened out.  Argh was the word for those days along with some choice expletives.

Alex, this bites.  I would perhaps contact my neuro's office and as k their manager to work with shared solutions to get this straightened out.  You should be due a retroactive help.  A little pressure from the doctor's office that prescribes their outrageously profitable drug might be of help.  

I hope the rx woes are straightened out now, but won't hold my breath that it's so!

611606 tn?1315521367
My Goodness, I guess I am very lucky I don't belong to a HMO, I am Medi-Medi, and reading about all you have to to go through just to get RX's filled on time is just heartbreakingly Awful!!!
I am praying that I won't be forced to use a HMO right now I have a choice and I chose not to switch... Sounds like I made the right choice...
I am so sorry that there are so many of us that are being forced to fight just to get your Medications in a timly fashion.. Like we don't have enough to deal with...
We really need to get the Insurance Companies to stop acting like they know more then our Doctors, and to stop them from dictating which drugs we can have and how often we need to get refills. Lulu, I know what you are saying about your Doctor changing the dose  and not changing the RX. That happened to me this month when my script. was uped from 21/2pills 3x a day, to 3pills four times a day. Thankgoodness I realized I was going to be very short of the pills and had him write me a brand new script.  I went from 100 pills to 360 per month and that is just one of my meds...
611606 tn?1315521367
I wonder who we need to start writing letters to or calling to get some one to fix this broken system,, I know our President is trying but both houses of Government are now fighting him, because of the Insurance Lobbyist... and Drug Companies Lobbyist are not wanting to allow any changes to be made...
Don't get me started... This Just really just makes me want to SPIT !!!
667078 tn?1316004535
  My MS specialist Office has been on it for three weeks. Heck they are the one's who steered me toward the discount program in May. They think it is outrageous. They thought Shared Solutions would do the right thing.

I am over it. Rule one don't trust Shared Solutions.

At least I am sure my friendly Shared Solutions nurse won't be calling to see how I am doing. That was just annoying!


378497 tn?1232147185
Have had similar experiences with Medco. I am on thyroid replacement. The pills are cheap...about 10 bucks for 30 days. I tried to refill a couple of days "too early" and they declined to cover. The deal is that the bean counters are betting, based on numbers, that I'd die in a car wreck or something in those few days before they paid to cover my new prescription. That's one reason they don't want to pay too far ahead. So...I just forked over the 10 dollars and got my **** medication.

Now, I have five prescriptions I take. When we go on vacation soon, I'll have to refill all five because we'll be gone when it's time to renew. I'm sure that I'll get some kind of BS from Medco about doing it "too soon."

And don't get me started on their "tiered" prescription "plan."

611606 tn?1315521367
There has to be some way, some one, Something that we can do to make THEM understand we are real people with REAL NEEDS, and Our Medications are not to be Messed with... This makes me wonder how many people have had to be hospitalized because they couldn't get their RX;s refilled as needed or worse... This is really Awful!!!
I Know we Need a Lobbyist working for us... Lulu are you available???
Love, {{{~!~}}} and Prayers for all of you
398059 tn?1447949233
All I can say is single payer healthcare system is required.  Write you Senator.
198419 tn?1360245956
Oh, this is unaccpetable. Dr office needs to put some serious pressure on them bigtime.

Are they trying to get you to pay full price now? My gosh, HVAC, hope you get ahold of the right person and get this resolved.
Avatar m tn
I know of one person that went to the ER 4 times in a 5 week period because he didn't get his meds. He is a close friend of mine here in TN and 2 of these times he was admitted for several days to get him stabile due to dehydration. During the second stay in the hospital he had the pharmisist come to his room to try and get his meds sent to him. # days after leaving he called them again because he hadn't gotten the his meds. They told him they didn't know he needed refills. It then took another 3 weeks before they finally sent him a partial refill.

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