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Sharp head pain in MS
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Sharp head pain in MS

My daughter was diagnosed with MS 1 1/2 years ago and seem to be doing fairly well on her medication.  She's gone back to school and is studying a lot, but lately she says she will get a sharp pain in her head that doesn't last very long.  Could this be possibly from her MS or most likely from stress.
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Hello, While I am not sure whether this is caused by stress or MS.  I can tell you that I also get this every once in a while.  When I do, it seems to happen maybe 3 times in a day and then they go away for either weeks or months.  Mine feel like a sharp, quick stab, or like a blood clot just passed through a vessel in my head that was too small.  It very well could be stress related.  Does your daughter also get migraines?  Because I do, but I know that these sudden pains are different from those.  I hope she is enjoying her schooling and happy holidays to you both!
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This link I have provided below may help answer some of your questions, as I think this sounds like Trigeninal Neuralgia.  I also experience these kinds of pains.  I call them "Ice-Pick" pains, because that's exactly what they feel like, lasting only a few seconds, but so painful that it stops you in it's tracks.

I have Multiple Sclerosis.  My Neurologist of several years ago, says they are like "mini-migraines."  I have never heard of such a thing and always felt they were TN.

You can copy and paste the link into your browser and read more.  This information comes from the Mayo Clinic Web Site.  Hope that you find it helpful and it answers some of your questions.

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Hi there,

Welcome to the forum.  I've had these as well, for years.  Have also had a burning sensation during the pinch, stabby type feeling.  I sure hope you find out the cause.

My girlfriend and collegue, have both had them, and when either of us would get one, we would give each other The Look, put our fingers on the pain, and laugh (cringing at the same time), and say, there goes my aneurysm again.  It's horrible to joke like that, and now looking back, it was just not right, simply because of the seriousness of a real one.  But, that's how we would deal with them.  

They come out of no-where, and I have no-clue as to what they are. . . .

In all seriousness though, I hope it's nothing complicated, and I hope your daughter continues to do well with therapy.  There is so much information and support on this forum, I hope you enjoy your time here.

Be well, and best wishes to your family,

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Hello Barb and welcome to our site!  

Sorry to hear that your daughter is having this pain and I can relate to her discomfort.  I have MS and this last spring I was diagnosed with Paratrigeminal Neuralgia.  It presents with an "ice pick" type of pain in one side of the face but it also shows with drooping of the eye on the opposite side of the face as the pain.  The drooping will start almost immediately after the pain starts.  You didn't mention her eye drooping but I wanted you to aware of this which is also known as Raeder's Syndrome.

I am currently trying to get more information from a specialist in Manitoba as I have not been able to get a straight answer from anyone as to whether this is related to MS or not.  Some say yes, some say no!  I have been treated twice with Solumedrol and Prednisone for the pain and the drooping eye and it has corrected it both times and given me great relief.

I would like to wish your daughter luck with her pain in her head and her studies!  I hope that this "pain" will diminish and that it will just be the stress but I hope that if it continues she will seek medical attention.  Nice to "talk" to you and Good Luck!


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Hi I am new posting,I have MS also,it took 17 years to Dx. I was told it was Lupus until lesions appeared.
I have the intermittant sharp pain in my head. it really gets my attention.I was told it was Ms related. i hope your daughter does get relief and a proper answer.
I always know that intermittant pain is nerve, constant is muscle.
I am a retired from the medical field.but some days I am CI
(,cognitively impaired)
I also experience sharp pain in my breast, And Itching is another symptom face and arms and back.Comes on suddenly and last for approx and hour.Anyone else have either of these.
Thank you Carol
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Hi!! Welcome to the bestest and most informative Ms forum in town!  Your post will be lost here.  Would you post on the main apge and tell us your whole story?  So your went untreated for 17 years.  How do you feel about that.  So you also have a highly positive ANA?  Do you have both diseases?  We'd love to hear how it all unfolded.  You'll find many a kindred spirit here and we have many who have struggled for years for a diagnosis.

Quix. MD (unofficially here and not a neurologist)
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