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Sleep study in the works
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Sleep study in the works

Had appointment with sleep doctor today.  He said he wants me to get a sleep study.  I have been waking up gasping.  I have an appointment next week with the ms specialist so hopefully it will show something related to my neurological issues.

For Somme reason, today i hit the wall.  Legs were much worse than the last couple of days.  I was so exhausted after this appt I went home and slept for a few hours.  Calves are cramping more.  I am hoping i am not "flaring" up again.  it got pretty hot in ct today.  Maybe that has something to do with it.

I am a little apprehensive about the ms specialist appt next week.  I have my timeline, my MRI discs, blood work, etc.  I always seem to freeze up when the doctor says, what brought you in today.  I think i am just going to say, well doc, three months ago I was able to do a jig with my first graders and now i can barely walk without using a cane.
I figure that paints a good enough picture for the doc along with the testing.  I am just so afraid he is going to say he doesn't know.  What would i do after that.  I had such a hard time finding him, i don't know what i wou ld do.

I guess i shouldn't worry until there is a reason to.

Well that's it for now.  Legs are hurting more than usual.  Don't Know why.  I said that already.
I am also finding that i am embarrassed walking funny and people looking at me like i am an old lady.  I am only 40.
Every medical person i know says I am presenting like it is ms but the neuro has to diagnose.  

I brought my MRI's to my friend who is a neuro RN.  She said she can read them and tell me what she "sees" but to remember she is not a doc.  I am finding that most medical people says what they think but no one will make the diagnosis.

Just whining.


Thanks for all of your help.
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Well I hope that the sleep study brings you some kind of answers for why you are waking up gasping. That has to be scary as heck.

Don't be worried about going to the MS specialist. Seems like you have all the right things to take with you.

Getting a dx can take a very long time and neuros only dx when the have ruled everything out so it can take years to go through the process. I am hoping that the specialist will get some answers for you so that you can finally know what is going on.

Whine away, we all do sometime that is what is so wonderful about this forum, everyone here knows what you are going through because we have all been there and some still are. Take it one day at a time and enjoy it when you can.

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Thanks so much
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Waking gasping for breath can come from lesions on the brain stem.

I would give this neuro enough time to put a picture together and if not ...I would find another.  Don't waste time!!  Too much damage can be done to your body.
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