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Speech Word Sticks happening more often
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Speech Word Sticks happening more often

I had gotten to the point where my word sticks (having a conversation, knowing a word you want to say,
but your mouth will not say it) were getting very sparse, maybe 5 occurrences a day.

However, during that last week to 10 days, it has gotten to be much worse.
Now, it is not uncommon for it to happen several times during the same conversation, and during
practically every conversation.

I'm not talking about stuttering, I'm talking about word sticks.

Could this mean that another "flare-up" is coming, or could this mean I'm having a new flare-up?
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I dont look at how many times a day or a conversation that i loose my words, I just know that when its happening too much, its time to rest and do nothing at all, concerving energy and brain cells. It always seems to be a little better after a rest, not always and then i tend to not say much. It does tend to get worse if i've been doing something physical, or its late in the day rather than early.

Funny story: The other day my husband who's a pretty big chap, said he needed to get a cushion for when he's driving the boat, something to lift him up about an inch. I was thinking cushion but actually said you need a fat sack? He looked at me funny, it took a while to connect what i'd said, i was still thinking cushion and had no idea i'd said fat sack, though i laughed hysterically when i realised, thankfully so did he. It was one of those fuxpass that was just way to funny, still makes me laugh thinking about it.

I suppose if i looked at all the things that have started ramping up, i could start thinking another episode is on its way, about a week ago i was thinking that way but i cant do anything if it is coming, so i'm just recognising the signs and taking it easy. I like to think i'm just over doing it and once things settle down a bit, I'll squeeze as much as i can, back into its box.

I suppose if i'm thinking straight (lol) to be a flare and not a psudo, all or a lot of your sx need to be active, and or experience something new and it needs to last longer than 24hours though i think that could now be 48hours. If its only your words, then i'm thinking not likely but the best bet would be to have a chat with your MS nurse or neuro.


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i have this, started a few years ago where it is quite noticable to me. which is why i take Razadyne. i don't think the benefits are worth the side effects.

i tend to get really frustrated with myself when this happens which isn't good.

if this is a relapse, then i've been on a relapse for quite some time. maybe i have been as some symptoms haven't left for quite some time. and rarely these days have i felt really good/normal.

BUT  I LOOK OK ;-)  we all know how this goes and those around us are skeptical
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I've been getting "word sticks" when I read.  I have three kids and we read aloud every day and I'll be looking at a word, and I know it, but my mouth won't say it.  It usually doesn't last too long--the girls have never commented on it--but it's frustrating.

When I speak, I more often forget the word I want to say.  In public settings I usually think out exactly what I want to say before I say it, so I don't participate as freely and spontaneously as others or as I'd like.

It might be good/helpful to ask your dr to refer you for cognitive testing.

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