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Stomach acid reflux and tickle in throat are back, but why?
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Stomach acid reflux and tickle in throat are back, but why?

Hi All,

I've had reflux issues that I feel are connected to my un-diagnosed problem for several months.  I've tried both prilosec and zantac (I think they work differently, which is why I tried both) and neither got the situation under control.

I've been eating sensibly and consistently for many months.  But I can get noticeable reflux and had a constant tickle in my throat from it.

While on oral steroids, the stomach acid problems stopped, no reflux, no cough, no tickle!

But now a couple weeks later are back and driving me nuts.

I know I ask questions for which there are no answers, but does anyone have thoughts on why steroids would help my stomach acid problem?  

I thought I'd read that steroids could actually be bad for the "good" bacteria we have, and if anything, be stomach upsetting.  I am as always just confused and wondering if this reaction is any sort of clue?

I had a lot of refluxing a few years ago and had an endoscopy at that time (and will now likely need another) and I didn't have signs of Barrotts (sp?), and the reflux stopped on its own.  It only came back this spring.

Any ideas about this, or if others just want to share their own tummy trouble, I'd be glad to have the company.

Wonko (the not-so-sane these days, but workin' on it!)
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Well, I shall step up to the plate.

I can't answer your questions, because that would be like answering my own. :) I have gastroparesis, which was dx'd by scan a few years ago, back before a lot of this other weird stuff started. Kinda, like, what I call the beginning. At the same time when my gallbladder was taking out becuase it quit working. Also, my intestines don't work. Grin. I just put up with it.

As far as the diet, yeah, let me say, that can be a trip. So, very little fiber (gastroparsis) very little chewing (TMJ) no preservatives (allergies) no dyes(allergies) and no corn, fruit or veggies minus a few canned ones (allergies & IBS) So, it's been trial and error the last 5 years of my life, but I can honestly say I feel decent enough to travel, get out of the house, etc. most days. I do suffer from severe motion sickness, but other than that I rarely have to go on a liquid diet unless things are REALLY bad for some strange reason, or my TMJ flares up and my jaw locks down for a month or two.

Ok, on to the ant-acids. You are taking two of the ones that I think are better over-the-counter ones, but seriously, if this is an on-going thing you need to look into a long-term medicine. Ahem, and I speak for myself, who is on 3 of these freakin things. My doc. is trying to get me on a new, just released one but my insurance isn't too happy to cover it- so that's on hold right now. But try and ask your doctor. Also, sign up online, both Nexium and Prevacid (?) have websites that you can sign up for cards that are FREE that will give you $$ off of your prescription even if you have insurance- we get my antacids for free this way, and a lot of other prescription meds also have rebate programs, I think about 5 of mine do. :)

Ok, so, I don't really think I helped your question any, I just sorta typed a bunch of stuff. Basically, tell you doctor, ask for a good long-term antacid (if he says that's what is needed) that is newer on the market and google it to see if there is an program to give you $$ back on it.

Good luck!
Thanks, I do know I need to see my doc soon & this issue is on the list.

I've been complaining a lot lately, I know.  The past 1.5 weeks  or so have been rough for me.  My symptoms came on slowly over about a year.  The 'roids took them almost all away.  Now, I'm re-living their onset, only much faster, and it is putting me off my rocker!

I didn't even notice when the reflux stopped, and had forgotten about it in the short time the steroids were helping me.  So I was extra-annoyed at the re-appearance, and confused why steroids could have helped it in the first place.  

Thank you for the advice on Rx's for reflux.  My doc wanted me to try the two OTC's priloces and zantac (not at the same time, I tried one than the other) before going ahead with another endo and an Rx.  hopefully I can get the good stuff soon.

So I just sorta typed a bunch of stuff too, but it's a welcome distraction!  Hope everyone's having a good weekend!
As to why the steroids helped, maybe it's because it's an MS symptom?  I have recurring problems with reflux myself, and I'm pretty sure it's not what I'm eating.  Although grease makes it worse.
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