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Swank Diet

Hi again guys..

Who has heard about the Swank diet?.. Anyone currently on it or were on it and found any changes/results?.

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Oh yeah it has been around awhile. If you want to diet to be healthy that is a good thing I myself have cut out all fast, processed food, etc. since they mentioned MS. I want to first of all be as thin as possible so I do not have extra weight to drag around. I also want to limit my other health problems. MS and Asthma and are quite enough to contend with.

I eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday and drink lots of water. I eat small amounts of lean meat. The eat whole grains and nuts. I only eat from the outside perimeter from the grocery store. I grow what food I can. I started modifying my diet slowly.
I do not take vitamins. I have all my vitamin levels checked and they are high from my diet including Vitamin D.

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My Dr said to "research the diet aspect" and by that he meant to look at a lot of different info about diet and MS and find what works best for you.  I don't personally believe that staying strict to one person's diet in a book works for everyone, but learning what ideas have been approached and what works for others is the first step in the right direction.

Alex is right, eating healthy, lots of water, whole grains and nuts, no processed foods etc.  Keep tabs on your vitamin levels and supplement as needed with a Dr's care.  

I am not sure if anyone here follows a strict "MS diet" mostly just an overall healthy diet.

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There are many people who swear by the Swank Diet as a cure for MS. So I would add that if it truly were a cure, most of us would be following it closely.  

We know there is no cure yet, but following this type of diet can't help but be beneficial to our health if you have the personal strength to be that rigid about what you eat.  

As always, before you start any type of diet you should consult with your doctor and make sure it won't do you any harm.

be well, Lulu
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Unfortunately, all the data we have for diet and MS is anecdotal.  Since MS is such a variable disease, it's hard to say what works and what doesn't!

If you're going to pick a diet, I suggest the Mediterranean diet.  It's high in anti-oxidants and the right kinds of fats, and it's good for your brain health.

Basically nuts, dark greens, fish, olive oil and garlic, dark red wine, and chocolate.  Stuff we like anyway, right?
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I started on the Swank Diet pretty much straight after my MS "diagnosis" in 2007 (although of course, there is no diagnosis as such) and have (mostly) kept at it ever since. My neurologist was very disparaging about the diet.

However, as I have a chronic anaemia issue, lack of red meat was a big problem as I did not have the time or the energy to do what I would have needed to do, to source sufficient digestible iron from other food.

After a year, I included lean read meat, and liquid iron supplement as my body was not metabolising tablet iron supplements.

So far so good. Iron and B12 is still an issue. But I'm walking (without a cane now), working and generally living as best I can.

I believe that any healthy diet focusing on natural foods and easily digestible vitamin sources, staying away from processed and inflammatory foods, and drinking lots of water can only be a good thing.
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