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Symptom never feeling the urge to use the restroom
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Symptom never feeling the urge to use the restroom

Q?  Do any of you have this symptom?
I never feel the urge to use the restroom (urinate or empty bowels), do any of you have these symptoms?

This was brought to my attention, when I had my accident back in July, last year.

While in the hospital, a nurse woke me up and told me, I had not urinated for over 15 hours, so she wanted me to go do it.

She asked if I had not felt the urge to go, because my bladder should be definitely full.
I told her, no, I didn't feel the urge to go (though my bladder was full).

So, she (and the attending doctor) told me to make a habit of going, to the bathroom/restroom every 4-6 hours
to empty my bladder.

I also became aware, that my bowels no longer "give me the urge to go" either.

I have not (thank God) had any "accidents", due to this symptom.

I do have to be conscientious of my body, enough to go every 4-6 hours.

Do any of you have this symptom?

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147426 tn?1317269232
This can be a serious symptom.  If you cannot feel when you need to go, you will not necessarily receive ture signals about when you are truly empty.  This raises the question about whether you might be retaining urine, which in men carries the real danger of the urine backing up to the kidneys and causing renal damage and renal failure.  It happens in women, too, but more frequently in men.

Please periodically be checked for retention.  This is done by having you empty your bladder and then being catheterized to check for the remaining amount or having the bladder ultrasounded for the residual amount.

"The MS bladder is a poor historian."

This means that the way you feel - empty or full - is not always accurate.

Hear me?

Quix (and no, I don't have this symptom.  I always - ALWAYS - have to go!)
1220551 tn?1269115778
Wow. Another interesting one. Once again I'm not dx'd but your question reminded me of how I was " before"...

Now I always "feel" like I have to go but can't. It hurts,burns,aches,I feel crampy,and my legs ache.

But I used to be the way you described-I had to make myself go - and it was nothing for me to go all day w/o going. Sometimes I would wake up, get the kids to school, stop for gas etc. , and then remeber - I didn't pee!!!!  Same goes for B Ms...

338416 tn?1420049302
I also feel like I have to go, all the time.  If anything's pressing, so to speak, I have to run to the bathroom so I won't have an accident.
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