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Symptoms are back after 2 years??
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Symptoms are back after 2 years??

Hi, I hope someone can help me in regards to possible ms?
About 2 years ago I started to get dizzy, ringing in ears,blurry vision, muscle twitching, pains eyes, weakness in my legs and tiredness.
I went to the doctors, neurologists and had MRI.. All came back fine? They put it down to a virul infection or stress?
since that time things started to improve and I thought perhaps that's what it was?
About 3 weeks ago, I started to experiance my right foot getting hot randomly throughout the day, only for a few seconds? I left it as thought it would go. Then i began to experiance the same hot spell on different parts of my legs, hands etc?
ringing in ears start again, and the muscle twitching?
My right eye has become blurry and I get sharp pains behind it?
I went to the doctors and had a urine sample and blood tests to rule out diabetes.
The urine sample came back fine, all blood tests ok except vitamin d low?
I asked doctor if this could relate to other problems, he said it wouldn't?
He said to leave it and see if things improve as in his opinion neurologist won't be able to do anything as only had MRI 2 years ago?
Since then, I have been awoken by strange sensation in my right leg, like buzzing? My right knee feels numb but isn't if that makes sense. my right side face felt numb but I could still feel it and at the same time I experiencing hearing loss in my right ear? It all came back within half hour or so?
I get electric shocks in feet and hand, and when I need to go to wee I have to go immediately and have poor bladder control.
I have just turned 27.
I feel the doctor has dismissed me and if I go back after these new symptoms he will just shrug it off or think I am making it up?
In your opinion should I leave it longer? I know myself something isn't right but feel no ones listening?
Thanks for taking the time to read
Kind regards

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Hi Dean,

Welcome to the forum. I think it's ridiculous that the ER doc didn't think that a neurologist should be called!  It's already been too long for you to get much benefit from IV steroids, but I think possibly another MRI would be in order...  If you have a regular doctor, I would ask for a referral to a neuro, soon- so he can still see what's going on!

Good luck!
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Make an appointment to see a neurologist and just give the name of the referring doctor.  Don't wait for the doc to refer you.  Then request that a 3 Tesla MRI be done with contrast by IV.  That should give them some indication of what is happening.  MS is notorious for being difficult to diagnose.  Some of that notoriety involves bad doctors in my opinion or lazy doctors.  Persevere until you find the right neurologist for you.  Someone who will stick by you as you go through the evaluation to rule out everything and then MS.  MS is diagnosed by excluding many other diseases both neurological and from other disease categories.  Bolster yourself with lots of support from friends and family as you go through this.  
As regards steroids - so many things can go wrong with steroids - they are used more judiciously than they were in the past.  For any eye symptoms they might be used.  

I also had that dizziness and ringing in my ears in the early days along with vertigo - it was passed off as an ear infection but I did not have an ear infection.  MS is not a diagnosis doctors like to make.  Make sure all your finances and work life is in order.  I also advise people not to disclose at first.  Build up your savings just in case.  I hope you do not have MS but if you do - lean on this forum and the good people in it for support and the MS Society too.  They were very helpful to me in the beginning of my MS journey.  Good Luck!
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Hi, Deano!

These new symptoms may be your "Dissemination in time" marker.  See the health page:

See the same neuro you saw last time.  If you don't like his/her, take all your records to a new one.  Some folks here have seen six neurologists before getting any kind of diagnosis.  

Let us know what happens, OK?
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Thank you for all your comments. Since I posted this message I have moved doctors and awaiting an appointment. I am also booked in to see an optician as my right eye has become increasingly blurry?
Maybe they will be able to see something?
I will be sure to let you know the results if any?
Thankyou once again for your help

All the best

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