Teeth grinding
by Ovieloverinla, Jun 26, 2010
On to neuro #2 and still no definite diagnosis!!!  Very frustrating!!  Said he doesnt think I have MS, but isnt too sure, got the usual "I dont know what you have"..UGH

Have a new symptom, excessive teeth grinding/clenching.  I have always grinded my teeth at night, but now I do it all day, it's gotten to the point where it's because very uncomfortable and painful.  I literally can not stop, no matter how hard I try.

I understand that this could be related to anxiety, but sometimes it literally happens all day on days where I have no anxiety.  

Anyone experience this???
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by HVAC, Jun 26, 2010
My MS makes me break teeth, bite my tongue, lip, and cheek. I do not clench continuously. It is as if my jaw has a mind of its own. I know I am going to bite my tongue and just can't stop. I was checked for seizure disorder. I have to have a molar repaired. My dentists says he has several MS patients and some have to wear mouth guards day and night.

by Csativa, Jun 26, 2010
Yes, I have been experiencing this for years.  The teeth grinding gets so bad at times, I have literally destroyed four front teeth.  I have weakened them so bad that one by one, in a relativily short period of time, I was left with stubs/fragments.

I already use a CPAP for sleep apnea and a dental device along with a CPAP mask - too much hardware over my nose, mouth, in my mouth...Still working on this one with dentists.

I also clench my teeth constantly.  Jaws, neck become quite painful.  And I bite down sooooo hard all day long.  Anxiety/stress is the main culprit.  You say that you do it even on days when you are not anxious.  I find this to be true for me as well.  I think I have reached a point where I have locked myself into a behavioral pattern which will be awfully hard to break out of.

by PheonixAbove, Jun 27, 2010
I have TMJ which has all of symptoms you've described. If you can you might want to see a dentist first. If it's TMJ, there's several exercises they can show you to help with jaw muscles. Any stress or anxiety can worsen the symptoms of TMJ. TMJ may be related to MS but I can't say for sure.

In any case, if the grinding gets too bad you might have to wear a mouth guard at night.

PS: TMJ stands for Temporomandibular joint disorder. Some dentists are now calling it TMD
by addicted2harleys, Jun 27, 2010

I used to grind my teeth all the time...sometimes without even noticing it.  I had all of my teeth pulled on top and now have dentures.  I have my own bottom teeth.

I think I am grinding my teeth in my sleep.  Problem is that I don't wear my dentures then.  So, I sometimes wake up with a sore that I believe comes from sleep grinding.

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by Sparkysarah, Jun 28, 2010
My dentist also says I grind my teeth and I also chew my cheeks and often have lines of sore patches inside. I think it would help to get a mouth guard..but not very romantic and not sure if it would worsen my snoring..but that is another issue for my poor husband to contend with. He swears by ear plugs!


by Ovieloverinla, Jul 02, 2010
Thanks guys...I did break my front tooth last year and the dentist said it was to years of excessive grinding and I didnt even grind/clench them as bad as I do now.  My insurance does not cover the mouth guard, unfortunately.

I also noticed today when I was drinking cold water my jaw started to quiver odd...I will mention it to the neuro when I go in September.  In the mean time, I will find method's to de-stress and see if there is any improvement!

by jensequitur, Jul 02, 2010
I think they sell mouth guards at the pharmacy - they aren't custom fitted, but at least it would help at night.