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Tell me about your mornings??????
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Tell me about your mornings??????

I have been diagnosed with ms as of may 6, 2008,  after 7 years and countless doctors in 3 states.  i am currently doing betaseron injections.  Mornings are terrible for me.  i haven't worked since Aug. 07.  even before the shots started i have always felt like a train has hit me when i wake up each morning.  my whole body aches and i can hardly move my legs to get out of bed.  it takes me forever to get oriented. The fatigue is horrible!  i've tried all the anti-fatigue drugs-nothing helps!!!!  i even have a c-pap machine for sleep apnea!!   i have given up on cleaning my house like i used to do because i can't stay focused long enough to complete a task  and there is no energy!!! Can you all please help me with any suggestions?  depression has been pretty bad because i had to give up my career (reg. optician) and i filed for disability (HAHA) .  and then i filed for disability again (remember the movie Groundhog Day? it reminds me of the application for disability-the same thing day after day )  My doctor said that i probably had ms for 10 years before i got to him-i hope this finally explains my late arrivals at work and my being sick to some of the "girls" i worked with who just thought i was lazy  and a hypo!!  the 20 years  i spent on the job i normally worked about 10 hrs a day!!!  No OvertimePay, either!!!!  Does that sound Lazy or just stupid??????  There are so many issues to deal with -but i know things could be a lot worse (at least we've been able to eat the last year!!)   how about the short term memory thing?? i knew something had to be done when i couldn't remember patients from  "just yesterday!!!"  at work!!!!   I'm sorry to vent- i shouldn't because God made it possible for me to make it to Bible school every night this past week and he has blessed me with a wonderful , loving family and great friends.  i think the hardest thing for me has been giving up the over- achiever (i have to take care of everyone and everything myself) syndrome.  i feel like i don't contribute enough with housework or with the financial things right now.  i guess i'm having a pity party for myself-i know tomorrow will be better!!!!!!
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Hey I am on Betaserum as well I take Tylenol around an hour before my needle and then as soon as I get up in the morning Tylenol again  mind you my legs feel like **** but they start to feel better once I start moving a little ( they fell asleep in May of 2007 I was diagnosed in June of this year ). I was told to take Vitamin D and my family dr gave me s**t this week as I hadn't been on my B12 for a few months I thought it was fine to go off but I have been back on them for about 3 days now and holy my energy level has gone way up lol as to oppose to when I was off them lol...check with your dr as B12 is for nerves as well and I was told it will help your red blood cells too, as being on Betaserum you know how we gotta go for blood work every month to check all our levels!! I understand how you are depressed with giving up your career but do you really want to be around those girls and make you more depressed??? Rejoice in that fact I would never had been able to do it for 20 years!!! I started swimming class' for MS now mind you I have been able to go once lol as my girls are quite young and I had them in day camp for the last 3 weeks hoping if my energy is good I can go this week the instructor teaches swimming for Arthritis but moderates the class for me as there are no "specific" swimming class for MS the instructor is sweet!!! I am in Canada I was told by the lady who helps run this chapter that they pay $12/hour for a maid for 2 hours every other week ( that is the first thing she asked on my house cleaning & how I am doing, boy does she ever know me lol )  which is sweet my hubby does about 90% so to help with the big jobs will be heaven sent for us as he already work 55 hrs or so a week we have 2 very active girls our summer home ( trailer lol )...Hope you are doing good today!!!
MS stinks.  Vent all you want--that's what this forum is for.  What fatigue medicine are you taking?  I'm taking Provigil, which works really well for me.  However, it took several months of being on this drug and my DMD before I'm feeling more like a human being.  I went for years not cleaning the house or cooking.  I'm now able to do some cleaning on the weekend, do the laundry, and even a little bit of cooking.  I'm still fatigued, but I'm doing so much better.  

Your DMD or MS is probably causing you some depression.  I would mention this to your doctor, so that you can get your drug "cocktail" tweaked to make your life functional again.  

It's nice having a diagnosis, so now you can feel validated that were sick and not just "lazy" or "stupid".  It's also good that you've started treatment.  It may take a bit for some of your medicines to kick in to get you feeling better.  

I can relate to the memory problem.  I had a serious problem with this and have been publically humiliated from losing my train of thought and memory in front of my colleagues.  I still want to crawl in a hole from it!!!!!  I'm doing better, though.  I think that the Provigil is helping with this, as well.

Hang in there.  
I have no MS diagnosis yet but I feel your pain. I have been off work intermittent since February and continuous since July 2. I am also one of the over-achievers. I worked long hours and OT. I feel lazy. My family thinks I'm lazy. I feel like I've been hit by a bus every morning too and I'm not on any meds.

I am glad you have a diagnosis! Good luck in your venture for answers.

When I was DXed the GP who told me added that I was lucky because I had gotten it so quickly.  I certnly didn't feel lucky that day but have learned how truly lucky I was....specially after I found this site and all these unDxed souls....

At the time I thought I had had symptoms for perhaps 6 months... now that I know all the strange random ways that it hides in our bodies I know it was more like 2 years.

Groundhogs Day is perhaps the best description I have ever heard when decribing our Dissability system.  You weren't Lazy Cause you did the same job as all of those other ppl at your work but they did it without any lesions in thier head.

Lots of Ppl with MS suffer from depresion,  I didn't know it had anything to do with the Dmd's everytime I talked to my neuro about it he tried to schedule me for a sleep study(he specializes in sleep medicine) so I went to a GP and got on  some  meds

Good luck
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