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Tingling caused by a hot shower?
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Tingling caused by a hot shower?

Hi, i was just wondering, is there any other conditions that cause tingling in legs after a hot shower other than Multiple sclerosis?
Thankyou :)

Ps, i am currantly undergoing lots of test and stuff for it, but i was just curious.
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Awwwww can somebody please answer?? I want so bad to know this, i can't find info anywhere :(
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Hey there sammy :)
sorry I do not have a certain answer for you but I just wanted you to know that
I was here thinking about you. Did you post this question on the other forum?
Perhaps someone will reply there.

Take Care,
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Hi,  I also wanted to answer your other question about how long MS lasts.  You got good answers, but I will reinforce them.  And I am sorry your other thread got hijacked.  I hated to wade into the arguments, but there are some things I feel a need to answer.

MS is a lifelong disease at this point.  Nothing short of wiping out the immune system and starting over with a bone marrow transplant appearsto halt the disease, and that treatment is still in testing stages.  It has only been performed on a few people.  It is extremely dangerous and is definitely not "ready for prime time."

Now, that said, MS can have an extremely variable course.  Some people march briskly downhill into disability.  Others, about 12% have an apparently mild course for many many years.  A small few (6 to 8%) don't develop any real disability at all.  For a long time people spoke of a Benign MS and some (like the Mayo Clinic) even advocated against treating them.  But, studies have shown that people who were dismissed as having Benign Disease are still at risk for significant disability.  About a third of those that looked like they were going to have a very mild course had significant cognitive decline by 20 years of disease and/or needed some assistance walking.

No one can say who will have the lesser disease course.  It has been studied intensively for the last 30 years or so because it has been thought that if we can determine why some people skate by and others don't we could find some clues how to stop the disease.

Statistically there are a few soft signs that someone will "probably" have a milder course.

These are

female gender
young age at presentation (less than 35)
sensory problems rather than motor or coordination problems
optic neuritis early
fewer relapses in the first two years

Now, your question of the day.  First, please know that people here help as much and as rapidly as they can.  Being impatient doesn't really help, though it is clear you are very anxious.  

Our former expert on the MS Expert Forum stated that heat intolerance is a VERY non-specific symptom.  Anyone with damaged nerves, especially with demyelinated nerves, is likely to have heat intolerance.  There is severe heat intolerance in people who recently had a stroke.  People with peripheral demyelination, like Chronic Immune Demyelinating Polyradiculoneuropathy are sensitive to the heat as as people with optic neuritis that is not due to MS, people with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Tranverse Myelitis, Devics disease (NMO), and according to this neurologist, essentially anyone with active neurological disease.

However, in my reading, the sensitivity to heat seems much more exaggerated in people with MS.  This is just my educated opinion.  Many researchers feel that people with MS are not able to regulate their core temperature as well as others.

If you suspect that you have MS,. or are being worked up for MS, then you need to STOP TAKING HOT SHOWERS NOW.  This includes hot tubs, saunas, lying out in the hot sun, exercising excessively without adequate cooling measures, etc.  Even though the symptoms brought on by heat are usually reversible, they can rarely be permanent or set off a lingering relapse.  Just ask our Julie, Sarahsmom.

So, symptoms that reappear after "accidentally" getting overheated should be reported to your doctor, but it is not proof that this is MS.  It is just a piece of the puzzle.

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I didn't ask the original question (lol!) but your answer about the heat is very helpful!
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Hi, I am sorry if i sound impatient, i'm just am so worried.
Thanks so much for your answer, it was fantastic and it couldn't have been answered better.

After reading your list about other diseases that cause those symptoms, i was wondering if maybe i could have transverse myelitis? All of my symptoms started not long after i got my Hep B immunization needle and my rubella needle. Can these cause transverse myelitis?
Thankyou heaps.

Sammy xx
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Hi.  If you google "transverse myelitis immunization" there are reports that certain immunizations may trigger TM.  Tetanus shot seem to be a suspicious culprit in "hyper-responders."  

I believe that MS, TM and some other neuro diseases are triggered by environmental factors in susceptible persons.  Just my opinion.  There are many suspected causes.

Good luck to you.  
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