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UUUGGGHHHH!!! Aren't we supposed to avoid stress?
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UUUGGGHHHH!!! Aren't we supposed to avoid stress?

Then why on earth does it keep hunting me down???  No joke I am going to write a book.  If only I was good at keeping good daily notes of what goes on around here.

Ok so I had to quit working cuz my job was waaayyyy to stressful for the pay and my legs just weren't having it.  So it is Christmas and I can't complain because my husband has a good job and awesome insurance and we (currently) have food and a roof and all that.  But his income pays just over what we owe in bills (without any copayments for meds) and we are a month behind on everything

My state disability payments ended last month as I have been collecting partial disability for a shoulder injury (at work BTW so there is the work comp case I am fighting) My hubby wouldn't even know what Bank to go to if he ever needed to deal with one of our accts.  He does nothing in the financial depart except fund it.  Ok so that is my stress level base line...Oh and don't get me started on sports...I used to love football.

So I know to take it slow and be thankful for what I do have.  My husband is very very Mentally supportive and he does try to be physically supportive (does some dishes, cooks and takes over when I just pass out).

I am doing great and then I come home from accupuncture all wwwoooooooeeeeeee!!!!  and the cat attacked my razor.  It looks like the chainsaw massacre in my bathroom.  Meanwhile my very vivacious and way too inquisitive 5 year old is at the door going

"Mommy what happened to the cat??  Mommy what happened to the cat??? Mommy what..." you get the pic!
To which I reply "Son where is the cat?"

"Sleeping on my bed." he says.
OOOHHH goodie.

I know, I know these are just everyday random occurances for the typical mom (they ask if I am gonna have more HAHAHAHAHA!!!)
God Bless you who can do it.

So yesterday is a fairly medium stress day.  I went to the neuro 45 miles away.  It was supposed to snow down to the 1500' elevation all night but I woke up at 2700' to rain so I headed to the appt.  

On my way home at noon it started snowing at the 800' level....OH monkey poop!!!
So I am headed up the hill in contact with my husband who is watching the web cam on the hill we (my son is with me in the car) have to go over to get home.  I have all wheel drive and am totally comfortable with MY driving in the snow.  

Now the other guy?!?!?!  
Hence the need for watching the webcam.  

Well it is dumping and dumping...and dumping some more.  And sticking!  and getting a nice healthy layer down.
I am up in it at this point there is no turning back.

My options are to go "the back way" wich has no chain control but can be much more dangerous, or risk chain control cuz I am just to dumb to remember to put the chains in.  Oh yes MUST CARRY CHAINS even in 4x4 love it.  Wouldn't know how to put em on if I tried.

Meanwhile five year old tells me  "the police are going to chase you down to the house since you forgot the chains" About 20 times before I turned the xmas music up so loud I couldn't hear him any more.  Hope he does choke on those goldfish :)

So my risk was rewarded.  The Highway Patrol was just setting up as I wizzed on thru at 25 mph.  I got to the top of the bad hill and was about to take a shortcut when someone (thankfully) stopped me and said 2 cars were off the road.  Now being that it is one lane and apparently traffic was risking it on the way up, I am not going to risk the way down.

I turn to go on the main hwy knowing full well there will be several delays.  So there I sit on the edge of the hill watching this giant box van and 2 trucks slide endlessly trying to stop for the wrecks in front of me.  Whew they stopped.  They apparently got the road closed completely behind me (again thank You to the man upstairs) and we sat there for 40 min with no one behind us.  

My heart raced like never before.  I go the the Dr fri I will mention it.  My ocular migraine (or whatever it is) started up.  My pins and needles were thru the roof.  I just wanted to get home..  Then as if to my rescue, A Giant white Hummer (yes I swear like the prince on the horse) pulled up just past me and turned around.  

Oh he is blazen a trail down the scary one lane road.   Its my only hope, I'm running low on gas.  
Then to my surprise, 3 jeeps and a crew cab Fohrd F350  follow the Hummer.  OHH YES! There is no way I am not safe behide these guys.  

I made it home.  Time to de stress and relax.  Deep Breaths.  Oh no its 2pm and I never fed the kid or myself lunch.  Ok so I am making lunch and my son comes in with the blanket he is laying on the couch with and says "Mooooooommm, the cat just got poop all over this!"

So I grab the blanket and drop it in the laundry room.  I go to the bathroom to check the litterbox and find the cat and  well, if it were blood it would have looked like the chainsaw massacre.

I ask my son calmly "Where is the cat?"  
To which he replies "I think he's on my bed!"

I wrote this to hopefully relieve a bit of my own stress.  I thank those of you who made it to the end.

Please share your comments and daily stress relief techniques or stories that let us know we are not alone.

Blessings to you all

PS.  I got the cat cuz pets relieve stress :~)

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Oh my!
738075 tn?1330579444
So...uh...did the cat survive?  I hope things were better for you and your son after lunch.

Nice going with the trucks paving the way home!

A good, deep Savasana should do you good.  Tomorrow is another different day.  

Playing Afro-Cuban Lullabye...
704043 tn?1298060444
  L.O.L.   I  am  not  makin  fun  not  at  all....   i  loved  it  i  think  we  need  2  read  this  when  we  -think-  we  r  havin  a   bad  day!!!!

   I want  a  copy  of  your  book!!    u  would  make  -millions- !!!!!!!!!
   hugs  hope  u  r  fine!   tick
648910 tn?1290666683
i too made it to the end.  Your story telling was very amusing and yes it like so many other's days.  I remember when I was a young mom and it felt like the day would never end.

Now they are grown and off on their own...or at least partially off on their own :0)  I see parents walking with their children hand in hand and I feel tears come to my eyes.  I feel the tears because when my kids were young I was working more than full time or going to school full time or just plain overwhelmed by life and I didn't savor the minutes.

You should print your story out.  I assure you one day you will look at this day and laugh and cry and be so glad you wrote about it.  I have to say even in your writing amongst all the frustration I sense a sense of humor.

It is that humor that will get you through the days that will never end.  It was a great story but take a deep breath, put the little ones to bed and then do something for yourself that makes you feel good.  That doesn't include cleaning  The house will still be there tomorrow.

take care,
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