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Vertigo hmmm any tips
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Vertigo hmmm any tips

Hey Guys and Dolls,

If you've ever experienced vertigo, then you'll know exactly what a pain in the butt this sx is, often literally lol. Just wondering if anyone has any tips for this one, not moving my head sounds good. Though not practical or realistically something i've been able to do, and i'm not sure i want to give it that much thought anyway. I find it easier to deal with most things if i acknowledge but then ignore it or work around it. This is another one of mine that each time it happens, i haven't been able to do that with, truthfully not even sure you can really ignore or work around it.

Its only the second day of it but yesterday i fell down 7 times, three times whilst i was sitting down lol i tried to ignore it and just do my thing, yeah that was soooooo working for me lol funny but the only reason i've got away with not falling today, is because my walking has now gone bye bye, so not such a good idea doubly tempting fate. lol walking like i am topples me enough as it is, i really dont need the vertigo to help me along.

Please dont tell me to use my cane or walker, I know i'm supose to use my walker but seriously its easier to fall with out the blasted thing getting in the way, same applies to my cane though i find i trip over it or hit people and objects with it, i seem to need the freedom to sway and wobble lol i'm sure that'll make sense to someone. Having both issues at the same time is a bugger, but not that unusual and maybe you've found something that helps :o)

So any tips or tricks for vertigo?

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Do you think you're having another relapse JJ? This situation sounds very dangerous to me.  I am not going to tell you what devices to use.  I just think you need to tell your neurologist what is happening to you.  You could seriously injure yourself.  My most recent vertigo was due to relapse. You should probably get a referral to an Occupational Therapist.  

No tips or tricks from me.  I'm still learning.  But I am scared for you, because the falls may cause you to break a bone.  Then you can add recovery from that to your list of problems.  Please be careful love.  I always enjoy reading your posts, and just can't bear to think of you getting seriously hurt.

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I agree with Tammy, you are playing with fire by not seeking help with your vertigo . You are going to fall and hit your head ont too many times.

I had vertigo for 3 months straight. Couldn't walk unless DH held me up from behind and then I still had that awful sensation I was falling anyway.

I spent most of my time bed-ridden per doctor's orders since I did hit my head on the hard tile floor more than once. I will say crawling on my hands and knees with my head stationary worked for bathroom breaks. Once in the bathroom I use the grab bars to hoist myself up.

You really should call the neuro.  You don't have too many other choices.
I hope it clears up quickly for you!
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Ordinarily I'd agree with you both but i am yet to be convinced this is a neuro issue, its flu season here and everyone in the house just got or is getting over it. 3 days prior to the vertigo hitting, i had a 'slight' sore throat and a stuffy ears and nose, but I only had the occational cough and had just started getting a sinus headaches. logically it looked like i'd started to come down with it too, although i sounded really croacky, and had a spike in temp the day before the vertigo hit, i actually didn't/dont feel that sick.

The others experienced light headedness but thats not what i'm experiencing, this is definitely vertigo. I just move or turn my head and its like the room has moved, its happened just moving my eyes from the key board to the screen. Do you remember those spinning things at the play ground, you turn around and around and when you stop you have the sensation of still going around, well thats the same feeling. I'm also getting the drunk spinning when i lay flat on my back, though i'm fine laying on my stomach.

I already have that stupid thing where my brain drops me when the ground is not a solid surface, i think my brain is basically getting confused in a similar way because my propreseption (sp) is even more unreliable with the suffy ears and nose. I dont think its a relapse, i'm not really experiencing that much of a worsening of my other sx, i'm saying 'that much' because in comparison to relapses its all basically still my now normal.

If my fatigue, tremors, spasms, cognitive and communication was at its worst too, then i'd be thinking relapse but its not like that so its unlikely a relapse and more likely flu bug causing it. If i'm really unlucky i'll go into a relapse because of the bug but so far i still dont feel it's happening.

I do understand the danger of falling, i've had enough close calls to get the point but i dont know how to let my self think in maybe's or what if's. After a fall, i just need to get my self up and keep going like the fall didnt happen. I'm not letting it stop me, i dont worry about it possibly happening again because i already know it will, i dont actually think about it at all. I'm behaving in the same way i always have, every sport i've ever been involved in has had falling and the danger of hurting my self, its never stopped me before so probably never will.

Thanks for thinking of me..........JJ            
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