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Weird Sensation #427
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Weird Sensation #427

Okay, we all had our bodies fall prey to the "body snatchers"...

Today occurred one of the most strange incorrect-sensations that I have had thus far....

I am at the office and I clean off my spoon from the Thai Garlic and Pineapple soup that I had for lunch...  

I put my spoon in my pocket and walk back to my office.   The spoon was a little wet and when the water soaked through to the skin, it gave the sensation of being on fire - hot!


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335728 tn?1331418012
Well is HALLOWEEN....BOO!!!   hehe

I would say that it is what your brain decided...hmmm the spoon in his pocket is wet so let's make him think that it's hot just to mess him up a little more than usual...Paresthesia I would say and they do come in very strange and creepy forms ya know?

But then is Halloween...mmmmwwwahhhhahahahaha!

Lots of Spider Hugs,
293157 tn?1285877039
well, I have never put a spoon in my pocket...but I get the warm to hot spots in different areas mostly everyday...not always though... and mostly on my legs and arms.. just small areas that get warm to hot for a few seconds then goes away...??  

sometimes...when I have something covering my foot .. it will get a hot feeling there..but goes away?  Weird I know...hehe

take care
Avatar m tn
Happy Halloween is right!

I have burning sensations hither and yon, but this is the first one that was caused be an external stimulus!

And Wobbles, if the day gets a little slow, try the wet spoon trick!
572651 tn?1333939396
Want me to venture a guess about the conductivity of the metal in the spoon and the negatively charged ions circling .... nah, won't go there.  In honor of halloween and your love of all things musical -

play some funky music bite boy

and relax for  a spell.  he he he!  

338416 tn?1420049302
Thai Garlic & Pineapple Soup?  That's a weird one!

As I write this, my right ankle is cold.  It's been sending the signal that it's cold for a couple of days now - started when my weird spasms started.  I can rub it with a warm hand and it feels numb.
Avatar f tn
My weirdnesses generally feel cold and wet. A few days ago I had the distinct sensation that cold water was being sprinkled between the toes of my left foot. I was wearing socks but not shoes at the time, and I even had to take the sock off to make sure this was just another monster trick.

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