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What does being overheated do to you?
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What does being overheated do to you?

Again, I will start by apologizing for all my many questions! I know that *if* this is MS I have, then I'm in the beginning/early stages and my symptoms have been mild. I don't have a big red flag symptom. Everything just seems subtle so I'm constantly wondering.

My newest question is about being overheated.

I took the kids up to the school this afternoon for their Learning Fair (like a science fair LOL). It was held in the school gym and always gets warm. After being there about half an hour I was feeling really warm. I felt really tired all of a sudden. After about 15 more minutes I started feeling kind of shaky. Nothing too bad, but it was not a fun thing to feel. I was by myself with the kids, so I kind of hurried them up and we left after another 10 minutes or so.

I hadn't bothered to wear my coat, and it's rainy and only in the lower 40's, so it was kind of chilly out. Once I got outside I started to feel better within about 5 minutes, and was back to normal in about 30 minutes.

I had eaten lunch before we went so I wasn't hungry. Up till then I was not feeling tired, or anything. It was I started to feel warm and then just hit a wall. The exhaustion hit suddenly. There was a point when I finally got the kids gathered up and we were leaving where I was honestly thinking "Just 2 more minutes....just 2 more can do it. You can push the stroller for 2 more minutes. Just get outside where it is cooler."

I'm worried about this being a symptom that will become a common one. We are wanting to take the kids on a weekend trip, and we have been considering an indoor waterpark resort. But, now I'm worried that the warm and humid resort is going to cause me to have issues.

Thank you all for being so wonderful and helpful to me.
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Hi Jess,
Heat sensitivity is very common. What happens when we get warm degrades the pathway that the signal has to flow through.  You can be very sensitive and just a slight increase in our core temp can make us miserable.   Being in a school gym, where it is hot from all the people can be an instant cooker for us.

Fortunately, most of the time this  problem resolves on its own when we cool down.  It is a temporary problem, usually.

You will learn how to accomodate this problem - dress appropriately to stay cool means lots of short sleeves and even tank tops.  Stay hydrated.  Use cooling devices, like the neck scarves that help to keep your core temperature down.  

Interestingly, I went to two different water parks last summer with my granddaughters.  It was great fun and I had absolutely no problem with heat.  Just wiggle your toes in the water and its an instant cooling system.

Just remember that the hot tubs and saunas are off limits - don't even be tempted.

There are lots of tips for MSers to use to stay cool and MSAA even gives free cooling garments if you need them.  

Don't despair - you will have a great time if you stay smart  about the heat.  - Lulu
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