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What kind of foot problems are people having?
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What kind of foot problems are people having?

I'm having so many problems with my feet, I don't know what to do right now.  For the last couple of months, I had some horrid pain (right foot) under my two left toes.  I called to get into the dr, I finally see the foot dr. today after work.  (I think this is an honest foot pain that is fixable with surgery - not MS related).  This last week... after I had an episode of head to toe tremors (not the easy to deal with vibrating), but the ones that knock you on your feet you need to lay down and sleep tremors, now my left foot hurts.  I don't know what it is.  I think it's MS related.  I don't know.  The top of my left foot hurts towards the left.  I have had to compensate walking because I couldn't put my right foot down.  The pressure was horrible.  NOw my left foot hurts.  What do I do if I can't walk? This scares the bageezes out of me.  I'm only 36, I teach full time kindergarten and have a 3 & 5 year old.  I can' t have anyone tell me to stay off my feet.  Does anyone else have foot pain on the tops of their feet?
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I have what I like to call cr@ppy feet syndrome. I'm convinced it has nothing to do with MS, but is the result of genetics, age, and just plain contrariness.

I've had 4 foot surgeries, 2 within the last several years. They all had to do with misaligned bones. I'm better now, and am keeping my fingers crossed.

The best thing to do is to see a competent podiatrist. X-rays will tell a lot of the story. If your feet are completely normal, then it will be time to seek another cause.

Hello!  I have friends that live near Yakima, on the Yakama reservation.  Pleased to make your acquaintance.  It's a beautiful area of the country.  

I have very typical Lhermitte's Sign where electrical shocks run over both feet and shoot up toward my calves.  But recently, and oddly, I've begun to have what I call "Glass Feet".  It only happens when I've been sleeping or sitting for a long period of time.  Then, when I stand up, naturally putting pressure on my feet, sometimes it feels as though they will break.  This sounds similar to what's going on with you.  I expect it is just a side-effect of having been lying down or sitting for too long, highlighting the fact that perhaps I don't have the best circulation to my lower extremities.  

Are you a heart patient?  I am, which is why I ask.  This business may have nothing at all to do with our MS, but may have more to do with a lack of good circulation.  Ask your doctor about it next time you see him and if possible, let him refer you out to a good cardiologist for tests, just to be sure.  I had my first heart attack at 36, so one can never be too young to pay attention to one's arteries.  At the same time, don't let it scare you too much either.  What you're experiencing could be related to a vast assortment of things, I'm sure, and probably most of them are nothing to worry about too much.  Even if it is heart-related, there are lots of new and improved cholesterol and trigliceride controls available, so the thing is to catch it prior to a heart event and then keep it under control.  Good luck with this!  Let us know what your doctor's told you.  jo
The only time I have problems with my feet are when the spasms are real bad. Sometimes my toes curl up and dance (twitch) and they burn like heck. It is my left foot too.

Not saying it is MS related because I am still in limbo but I know what you are feeling, glad to hear you are going to see a podiatrist to get to the bottom of it. If your podoatrist says it is nothing then you will know it is MS related.

Good luck at the doc and let us know what happens
Take care
Hi I have bad foot pain..mostly in my left ..and at times in my right. My doctor said it is ms related...  I take 900mg of gabapentin which really helps...I started at 100mg and slowly increased to 900. I had a hard time walking without on the gapapentin I  am mostly pain free untill its time for my next pill.  Linda
I have as mixture of problems with my feet - but mostly the right foot.

Right foot - dominant

1)  Flat feet, familial - really bad pronation

2)  Post viral (Parvo B19) ankle arthritis from 1999

3)  Hallux Rigidus - this is degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis) which renders the great toe unable to bend upward.  It is rigidly straight.  It's also called a Dorsal Bunion - on the top.  When you walk you must achieve about 80 degrees of bend in the back foot toe for a proper stride.  Since I have less than 15 degrees, in order to walk I must rotate my foot out and bring it forward.  It was already operated on on the left.

4)  Ruptured ligaments on medial (inside or to the middle) ankle form 2 months ago.  One can argue that my legs collapsed due to the weakness of the MS.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

5)  Foot swells and turns purple.  This is from Sympathetic Nervous System damage along with the damage to the leg from MS.  The SNS fibers run right alongside the motor fibers in the anterior spine cord.

6)  Weakness in dorsiflexion - difficulty in bringing my toes up to clear the ground while walking.  Has earned me an AFO.

7)  Paresthesias of different types.  Sometimes I have pins and needles in the foot, but they're mild.  Sometimes walking on a rough surface feels like I'm trying to walk on broken glass.

8)  Spasms - pull my little and 4th toes outward

9)  Extensor spasticity in that foot

10) healing fracture in the fibula of that lower leg.

Left foot -

1) Just hangs around being flat.

Do I win??? Please, Please???

Quix you must get the grand prize for carpy feet lol, heck you get my vote!

I have carpy feet but you take all the prizes, (mil gets the vote for the ugliest feet, twisted knot of pick up sticks) dont know whats what but....

Deformed toe same toe on both feet, basically my little toes are the second not the last toes on my feet, they just stopped growing. As i've aged the end toes that should of been my little ones but arnt, have twisted under the second toe which are my little ones lol

Red to blue/black discoloration, Raynauds in both feet so parathesia heaven, tingles to hot burning heels and everythign in between. Either freezing cold or hot hot hot

The knuckle bone on my left big toe is abnormally big in winter but normal in summer

I wake up every morning with the veins from my ancles and all over my feet, swollen and really stand out engorged, no swelling in my actual foot just the veins.

My feet bounce, bend the foot and a rythmic bop radiates from the arch of my feet and travels up, i suppose it could be coming from my ankles and not technically from my feet, it just really seems like its coming from my feet.

Cramps that hurt so bad, wake me up the little blighters

Pain is more from the bone issues i think, had that so long i dont know what its like to not have your feet hurt.

I also have an electrical zipping of the nerves that make my foot (left only) ripple but i'm not sure if thats another muscle spasm going on or just parasthesia.

so thats me in a nut shell.


Ooh!  Oooo!  I have the carpiest feet!  Yeah!  We look for little successes where we can.  Does ice cream come with that award?

I forgot to add

11)  Positive Babinski!

Q  :))
Thank you for your responses.  I went to the dr.  He took some x-rays.  He said just looking at my x-rays he could see why I'm in pain.  There are people with normal feet and people with flat feet, but... I don't fit in either category.  

He told me from the x-ray, the angle from the ankle to the bottom of foot should be 15 degrees. I'm not sure I understood what he was saying exactly. Then he said, in both of my feet, the angles were 33 degrees and 31 degrees.  He said I am over double what the angle is and asked if I had knee pain.  I've been in PT for my knees since high school off and on for the last 19 years.  He said without a proper orthodic in both feet, they will never feel better.  We will start there.

A friend of mine who said she had the same pain said (the same dr.) did surgery and removed or shot into the nerve and the pain was gone.  I'm not sure what is going to happen, but this pain is so bad, I can barely make it through the day walking around.  

Next week the going to take a mold of my feet and custom make these for me.  I don't think I can wait until Tuesday.  Thank you all for your responses! I appreciate it.  

I do like the sarcasm too... it makes us all have a sense of humor. Love it!  Thanks again!!!
What a difference a week makes. I asked this very question a few days before you and got only one response. I figured no one else with/without MS on this forum but me must be having foot problems.  

I hope the rest of the responses answered your questions, they answered mine.  Hang in  there the foot doc should be able to help you with these issues.  

Suddenly having very painful swollen corns on pinky toes. 48 yrs old. Never had corns before.  Pronation. Feet turning in or out when tired walking. When I stand, cramping all over. Mostly in the top. Left foot swells on what we call the bad leg. Same foot drags. That leg is harder to lift. And of course the typical burning pins and needle sensation. Siometimes like walking on hot broken glass. Sometimes like tiny bee stings. :-(
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