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Where do you find help to pay for needed follow up tests
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Where do you find help to pay for needed follow up tests

I have a Q? about finding resources to help pay for needed follow up tests.

I'm on a limited income, and will not qualify for Medicare until January 2012.
The last MRI I had performed was back in November 2009 (back when I still had medical/health insurance).
[Note:  I have been w/o any medical/health insurance since then]

My Neurologist, really wants to do a follow up MRI, to see what is happening, how things are progressing, etc.
But I cannot afford to have the test done, financially, and waiting another 7 months, seems unhealthy.

Are there places that actually do help, pay for follow up medical tests (ex. MRI's & blood work, etc.)?

I'm not asking them to give me any monies, only to help me get the needed tests, to see how my MS is progressing.

Thank you, for your time, consideration, and cooperation, I truly appreciate it.

-- Socrates2k1
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Try the KU School of Medicine.  Sorry to say this, but if some medical schools will let you trade time as an exam subject for services.  Places that have 7T are doing research, so they are imaging some patients at little or no cost.  Also talk with Social Services from your local City or County Government.  Try the local MS Society and call around to all of the imaging centers and ask if they do any "pro bono" or reduced rate work.

Hate to say this, but this is where you get inventive and try and tap all the resources.

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Each state is required by federal law to have a Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) program. These programs are intended to ensure that uninsured individuals have access to hospital care.

Here in Ohio we have a program called HCAP. In your state it, you might have something similar.

How it works is..that if you have limited income, and either no insurance, or insurance, and a doctor orders test to be done at a hospital (ex. MRI, blood panels, etc..), as long as these things are done at a hospital (no MRI centers), they will compare your income & family size to the national poverty levels and adjust the bill accordingly. You can't be on Medicare or Medicaid to qualify for this program. Even if your income isn't at the national poverty levels, they will still right off your bill certain amounts. I applied for this program and only had to pay 10% of the bill on many occasions.

You can call your local hospital and ask if they offer such a program if your neuro wants to order more test.

Good luck
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The MS Association of America has a program to help you obtain a follow-up MRI (brain only) once a year.  There are a few qualifiers of course.  Here's a link to the application at the MSAA site.

Good luck,
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The MSAA program that Mary mentions is a very good source of funding - call them to discuss your needs.  

Unfortunately, if you volunteer as a test subject and do mri imaging, it almost always is excluded from being used for clinical purposes.  That means your doctor doesn't officially get the test and can't use the findings to justify your treatments.   It also means you do not get a copy of your films, either.  Stinks, doesn't it?  

Good luck with the follow up with the MS Association - they really are a great group.

best, Lulu
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