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Why are do my legs feel shaky?
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Why are do my legs feel shaky?

Just wondering. Yesterday my legs felt very shaky-nothing visible--just annoying. It was mostly my left lef-kind of like I had done some sort of exercise. Today they are not shaky but they are sore. Any idea on what could be going on here?
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Don't think we've met, are you new here?

Do you have an ms diagnosis?  Some of us here do and others not.  But it may be the answer is different depending on this for you.

Sometimes these thing can happen to anyone, eg if you have gone too long without eating, or even slept in a funny postition.  If it is a one-off and the soreness resolves hopefully you can just put it down to experience.  If it repeats though, you need to look at what's going on more carefully.

Maybe if you want to tell us some more of your history and overall health that would help.  It's quite hard to advise on one symptom without knowing you!

Anyway, if you are new here, welcome, and enjoy the intelligent and loving support on this forum.  It is a very good place to be.

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Hi, I don't remember seeing you here, before.  Welcome!  Are you diagnosed with MS or looking for a diagnosis?

I have MS and I know the exact feeling you are describing.  Others here have also described it.  Wish is correct, there are a lot of possible causes.

In me I feel it in the front of my left thigh.  It feels shaky and "jello-like" as if I had worked the muscle really hard, but I definitely had NOT.  It also feels like I'm not sure as if the leg will hold me up.  In my case, I am sure it is a neurological problem related to the MS.  I do believe that it is a new weakness.  For me, the feeling has come and gone after some days, and repeated at other times.  I have not had the soreness, though with it.

One possible reason for the soreness is that during the "shakiness" some muscles that you normally use were indeed weak, and that other muscles that you use less often, had to carry the load.  Because of this unaccustomed use, they were sore later.

Why don't you tell us a little about yourself, so we are not guessing in the dark.  You'll find that we are good listeners.  And VERY good talkers, lol.

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I searched the forum for this symptom and these posts came up. My entire body feels like this.  I chalked it up to the 4 day Shriners visit I just returned from with my son. It was definitely stressful and I know that I walked and did too much but did not really have any choice in the matter. I didn't feel like this until today when every movement is an effort.

Is this shaky feeling just exhaustion from over-doing or could it be part of the relapse the neuro already said I was in? I'm just trying to learn what is the new normal and haven't quite mastered it.

Any thoughts? Anyone?

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>  Is this shaky feeling just exhaustion from over-doing or could it be part of the relapse the neuro already said I was in?

Just at a guess, I would say both.  During a relapse, I have more weakness, especially in my legs.  Sometimes I get up, and have to pause, because it feels like my legs won't hold me up.  At these times, I feel like I should probably have a cane - but after a few steps, everything seems to start working again.  Even after the relapse, there's recovery time, and if I overdo it, the weakness will come back.

Welcome to the forum!  Feel free to ask any questions about your symptoms - I find it reassuring to know that there's others out there with my problems, even if there's no solution.
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On 3/08/09 my right foot went numb, with pain in my left great toe, pain in my lower back the radiated down both legs, thru buttocks on down.  I woke up the next day and essentially I couldnt walk.  After several horrifying days, I could stand for a couple of minutes and now can walk and stand for about 30 minutes after which time my legs get very weak like ive been standing for 3 hours. The get STIFF AND CLUMSY FEELING.  Along with  this I have various paresthesias in my legs, groin, buttock, feet alternating.  I recenty had the burning that would happen in my left anterior thigh turn into like a skin burning sensation.  Once and only once I had pins and needles and abnormal sensation around the left side of my torso, not squeezing but paresthesia.  And twice I have felt a small patch on the left side of my face feel numb.  I have alot of spine issues but as I continue to see more orthos, and neurosurgeons, they are starting to believe that the spine issues are not causing the leg weakness and strange symtoms (symptoms) I have been having.  Going to neurologist Monday.

Anyone have anything similar to this, or any thoughts?
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I so wish I had seen this post last year - it would have saved me a fortune in physio fees for overuse injury and torn cartilage dx by my GP and physio and the  trips to the ortho that were not necessary.

This is the first time I have seen my sx described so well.

Thank you

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I have the weakness, too. Can't do stairs at all, maybe just one or 2 steps. Can;t walk uphill at all, and can't do long distance. Legs too wobbly. Also, at times, when I get up from sitting, it's hard. I almost always have to pull myself up out of a chair.
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hi, I have ostio arthritis since I was 13 years old now im like 40 years old and I had mennopuse for 6 months which brought on faulbermaurjer imflamatre form which landed me in a wheelchair I can walk for a bit then I get tired but im on 20 mg morphine and 100mg of tramadol but just two nights ago my legs started to shake then over night my legs sted to wobble and they feel like they might drop off of my body I had an mri on my hands but not on my spine Im starting to feel sceared whats happing to me
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