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body tightness
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body tightness


was wondering about my body tightness and it's relation to this disease. for years i have felt a bit tight, wound up so to say.

many many times over the years friends, lady friends, doctors would make comments like, "relax", "whay are you so tense", etc.

recently, due to the thought provoking info on this forum and the MH pages, it dawned on my that just maybe this tightness all has to do with this disease. that it in fact is the root cause of this and not a genetic defect that i have a difficult time relaxing.

the mild tremors, twitches, electro zaps, that accompany my tightness is more than likely this disease.

just an open-ended post with my thoughts as i sit here
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Avatar f tn
Well, this is an interesting thought, isn't it? But I do think that 'tightness' as it applies to MS means muscular tightness possibly associated with spasticity, etc. I haven't heard that MSers often experience the emotional sort of tightness, as in 'tightly wound.'

Your difficulty with relaxation is not a genetic defect, it's just the way you are. Maybe it helps you get a lot done, which is all to the good.

Tremors, twitches and zaps are all too familiar to most of us, whatever our emotional makeup.

I hope others will comment here.

Avatar m tn
"tightly wound" isn't exactly what i was trying to convey. i wasn't meaning the "emotional sort".

i was trying to convey the type accompanies, say, muscle tightness, etc. not severe muscle tightness but enough to notice and thus to have the mind trying to compensate for it.

i have such a hard time trying to get what it is in my mind out. speaking is even worse form of expressing for me.

so that is what i was trying to get out. you helped with that, so mucho gracias!
147426 tn?1317269232
I think I get it.  It's easy to associate muscle tightness with being emotionally wound up.  I have noticed that I seem to be holding myself stiffly and checked to see if I just wasn't relaxing - only to find that my muscles (especially my right leg) is just stiff.  And if I am cold I walk like Frankenstein's creation with both legs.

751951 tn?1406636463
I walk like that a lot of the time anyway, Q.  It usually stops when I walk into a neuro's office.

I have recently been wondering very much the same thing, though.  I'll be stretching out on the couch for 20 minutes before I realize that my legs are all tightened up, muscles flexed, keeping me from letting my full weight press my rear into the cushions.  Of course, this merely transfers that weight to the heels and shoulders.  My concern is mostly that I don't know what's causing it.  I don't think I'm emotionally tense often at all, and it would seem logical that I'd find a different way of letting that out anyway.  The thought that something in my CNS could be doing this just aggravates me all the more, because I am so sick and tired of doctors who just won't listen!  I'M NOT TENSE, THOUGH; DOES EVERYBODY HAVE THAT POINT CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD?

Okay, I'm calling it a night.  Peace.
987762 tn?1331031553
I understand what your saying, i've had an issue with my body tightening without any intention to do so from me, probably around 6 or so years but only started mentioning it around 3 years ago. lol

It usually happens when i am lying down, relaxed and ready for sleep, it may happen at other times too but its not noticable to me then. I can only explain it as catching my self with odd parts of my body that have gone stiff and tight, as would happen when the area is being used. Its a feeling difficult to find words for, i'm not aware of the building (muscle) tention in those areas until they have reached my tollerance level or it could be my conciousness.

EG. If my hand is resting on my face as i snuggle up, i eventually become aware that my fingers are digging into my cheek, putting enough preasure on my face to notice. It doesnt end with awareness though, i have to move my position or it will continue and get tighter and tighter. Not sure if its a part of my arm or just the fingers that are to blame, i am definitely relaxed, mentally and with most of my body as floppy as it should be.

It happens in my legs too, not usually both at once but it has happened, thighs, calves or even my foot. My stomach has even done the same, tightening for no reason. I've never had a dr explain it but that could be more to do with how difficult it is to explain, sure is weird.

Since my latest episode where i was having obvious muscle spasms and spasticity, i've been connecting this tightening rigmarole together with that, i maybe wrong but i dont have an alternative explanation for why. I was walking like a string puppet, unable to straighten and relax the limbs in use and the tightening thingy was in overdrive at night, it makes sense to me that they would be connected.

562511 tn?1285907760
Glad to see you around.  If it were not for the small dose of Klonopin that I take (0.5mg once or twice a day) I would really be uptight looking.  

I do tend to hold tension in my body, though.  Many years ago I recognized this.  It can be a source of back and neck pain for me. I have to make an effort to relax.  

Take care.
562511 tn?1285907760
I wanted to add that early in this disease (I hate that word) that I thought I had stiff-mans disease.  I had heard about it but didn't know what it was.  My body has become stiffer.  Weird stuff.
Avatar m tn
yep, knew i wasn't the only one with this unexplained issue.

all here expressed what it is my mind/thoughts. thanks for chiming in on the subject.

i can seemingly be at total peace but something in my system has my body a bit tight and twitchy.

hang in there Pastor_Dan!


Avatar m tn
I have a stiff body for almost 15 years now.
It used to be on and off in the first few years (maybe 5)
but has been stiffer and stiffer ever since.
My major discomfort area is my neck and shoulder.
Its as if I am carrying discrete and burdensome pieces with me all the time.
For normal beings, they will almost not feel any of their body parts. They simply
function normally.

Not sure what others have to think, but I have always been an fitness freak all my life.
I have found that mild jogging followed by exercise helps me. The feeling I get is that of rejuvenation to a point where I can do normal activities. Without exercise I simply cannot explain the dullness & body pain I have.

Another thing that used to help me was trying to do deep meditation and try to summon by subconscious mind to heal myself. I am great believe in mind power and used to spend around 15 mins totally trying to direct my sub mind to find a heal for the problems I am facing. One might not believe, the first week I tried this I had miraculous  absence of symptoms. But slowly the symptoms appeared. Maybe even the subconscious mind also has its limits, it seems. But this should be preclude others from trying. One never knows. If someone is interested, I can get the name of the book and author of the book which prescribed about this method.
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