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cold feet
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cold feet

I have PPMS and are experiencing feet which are cold even when I have 3 pairs of socks on , i understand this is an MS symptom. I just would like some help with the symptoms of this please? : I am in Wellington New Zealand and I am a memeber of a group called the Moose Group which is an MS support group and is very informal & useful. It is winter down here at the moment Thanks very much. PG
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I guess this one pops up from time to time, but I don't see people offering solutions in terms of how they deal with it.

Here's a link to a post that was recently resurrected:

When your feet feel cold, do they feel cold to the touch to both you and others as well?

I think that Quix said if the extremity feels cold to the touch, this indicates a circulatory issue. If the extremity is not cold to the touch, but there is a sensation of heat or cold, it can be neurological in nature.

OK everybody, jump in here and correct me if I'm wrong and also help out our dear Kiwi friend.


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I guess the question is whether this is paresthesia, or circulation.

I have cold paresthesia quite often.  Actually, I've had a variety of sensations from the lesions in my spine - the muscle spasms were the worst, the itching vaguely irritating, the cold almost a relief after the spasms!
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  I'm not even going to guess which problem is causing your cold feet :)

  I get that way off and on so I am just going to tell you what I do that has helped. It depends on whether you are on the go or at home of course on what you can try - duh

On the go - try several pairs of socks (like you have) but be sure that they are breathable fabric- cotton close to the skin not wool and also a bit loose fitting so that the feet can breath. You can use wool but not on the bottom layer.

I always bring feet warmers with me. Those little packets they sell in the sports stores to keep your hands and feet warm. You shake or smack the thing and it heats up. Stuff 2 in each shoe one on each side of the foot - aaaahhh nice and toasty, lol.

At home soak in warm water with salt, don't dry completely , then massage with lotion

I also have foot warmers that you stick in the microwave for a minute or so and then put them on like slippers. They are great for lounging on the sofa or in bed.

And finally at home or on the go move those tootsies around as much as you can. If it is circulation or nerve issues lack of movement makes both worse so even if you are in tight quarters tap your feet and rotate them around. If you can walk that's better yet.

Wishing you warmer feet this winter!
Erin :)
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I am having major problems with the thermoregulatory system of my body.  I have no idea if its MS related or not, but my life is completely miserable, especially at night, because of it.  When I get chilled, my feet, hands, and body is cold to the touch.  It is quite painful because the spasticity is at a ten when this happens.  It takes hours to warm--even when I put many blankets on.  Then, after a few hours, I get so hot that I can't cool!  I start sweating, my face is flush, and then it feels as though my legs are on fire!  In the summer, it doesn't take much for me to be to too warm.  I get quite sick when I'm too warm.  Plus, my body begins to shut down (extreme weakness).

I wish I knew what causes this.  Needless to say, this is why I get so little sleep.  I feel like poop in the mornings.  

I have a hard time with putting my feet into warm water (or any other part of my body for that matter), as it is quite painful.  If you do this, gradually warm the water up for your feet to get used to the warmth.  I do have a problem with overheating when I finally warm, and the MS symptoms set in.  

I guess the best thing to do if it's a thermal issue (not so much circulatory), is to avoid getting cold.  Keep other parts of your body insulated (but not too warm), and keep your feet in shoes.  

It could be more circulatory . . .  If you are sitting a lot (I am sorry I don't know if you're in a chair or not), sitting a long time will cut off circulation to your feet.  Moving your feet and legs around to get circulation will help in this case.  Do exercises that are recommended for people that have to sit a long time on a plane--stretch them, flex your feet, etc.  Better yet (if you are able), don't sit for too long if you're able.

I know what you're going through!  Let me know if some of your group members come up with something that works!  
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I wanted to say HELLO!! Because Wellington is one of my favourite cities on the planet. I'm Aussie (please don't hold that against me) but spent 4 years in Wellington last millenium and loved it. We lived in Khandallah overlooking the harbour which probably explains why I loved it so much! I went to Onslow College and had a horse in Ohariu Valley and went to Pony CLub there.

On the cold feet, I find "holeproof explorer" socks really warm....



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