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heavy legs and pain in feet
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heavy legs and pain in feet

Hi all!
     It's been a while since my last post and I've been making some progress with forms I have to fill out gathering all my labs mri's etc which I need to fax to my local ms center and after all that  they may consider treating  or diagnosing me.  My biggest worry is my Neuro being convinced that my symptoms are caused by stress and not the multiple lesions on my brain may hurt my chances of being accepted there as they also request all notes from your visits as well. But i did ask for a referral for a neuro who works directly with that hospital and I have an appointment with him in two weeks.  So i guess I'm making some progress.
I've been lurking checking out the new posts from new members and it really bothers me and kind of scares me how some people can be going through so much and really getting no help or be accused of making it up or there problems being caused by stress anxiety etc. I think everyone would be diagnosed  with a major illness then because no one lives a stress free life. My Heart really goes out to everyone here.
  Well of course I have some questions and I'm so glad I have a place to go to ask them.
I was reading some posts about L Hermities sign  and I do recall going through a time when I had this. It was a shock(like i stuck my finger in a socket type shock) That went straight down my spine to my toes. that was about three years ago . It was definitely a surprise and I brought it up with the ortho who was treating me for a herniated disc in C-5 He told me it may have come from that and it do go away . It did but return a year later as buzzing shock like feeling that extends down my neck to my shoulder when i bend my head down . If i move around I can stop it.  Now its back again but extends down my spine instead, Do you think this is L
Hermities or just something left over from that damaged disc?
When i first posted I was concerned about 24/7 dizziness accompanied with blurry vision. That's improved and I seem to only get dizzy with a lot of activity where i can't rest in between.
Now some new concerns and Id really appreciate any feed back on this . When I wake up in the morning I seem to have a lot of trouble getting my legs going. I have pain down my entire legs Horrible stiffness and trouble lifting my feet and PAIN in my feet .  I'm also bumping into walls on my way out to the kitchen to make coffee. I worry sometimes I'm going to wake up unable to walk. This also happens if i sit in one place for a long period of time although never as bad as when I wake up. So basically if i could i would be in constant motion and never sleep and avoid all this painful  waking up business
Another scary thing is a shaking I'm getting in my right hand.( It's a bit embarrassing at work as I see people looking at it) It comes and goes along with weakness in that arm and spasms that are extremely painful and I can watch my bicep tense up and then it sort of pops back and subsides . I"m really thinking of seeing my pcp for some meds for this and other pain but I try to avoid opiates because they give me nausea.
Ive promised myself I would try not to lay down before 5 pm everyday So far Ive made two days this week where I didn't fall asleep right after I came in from work . The  exhaustion I'm going through really stinks I feel like I'm not there for my family. I don't know if its the pain I'm in that makes me so tired or that I may have ms fatigue.

Another Question I have is would it be better to have my eyes checked by an ophthalmologist or just get a regular eye exam?I had regular check up a few months back wound up far sited with a prescription that feels too strong for me . They didn't mention anything out of the ordinary though.
I've also noticed posts about over heating with physical activity and exercise  I'm trying a stationary bike with the hope that if I strengthen my legs I may stop all this stiffness. I m trying yoga but its too funny to watch me as I cant keep my balance and wind up falling quite a bit. I notice i cant stand with my eyes closed. Anyone have any suggestions on how to keep fit without making things worse.

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Hi Karen,

I'm so glad that being here makes you feel a bit better.  Good job on getting all of your information together for the Dr. It takes awhile, but very much worth it to walk in there with some initial information when you can.

For now, try not to stress over what the Dr. may or may not attribute your problems too.  That way, you can take one less stress off of your plate.

You may not know, but my MD told me my symptoms were classic stress when I 1st went to the Dr. in an awful attack.  It wasn't stress, the Neuro confirmed that by looking me in the eye and saying "this is not stress."  

It's best to jot down your worries and questions just like you have here.  Review them before the appt. with the Dr. Bring someone with you when you go if you are able. Then, if it's a good Dr. he or she will ask you many questions about what has been going on, and at that time, describe your symptoms.  Oh, jot them down down too.

Stick w/us, we'll help you get through..
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Hi CC,It sounds like you have really thought this through for the doctor and prepared well.  I'm glad you got in to see a neuro at the group you are interested in .. it is very important to have a neuro you are comfortable with and trust that he/she has your best interests in mind.

Your comment on the exercise caught my attention because I have become Type A with all the workouts I am doing to try to stay ahead of this disease.  Keep at the Yoga - give it a few months and see if it doesn't help with your balance.  At least it should improve your breathing and stress.  At first in Tai Chi class I was falling over - talk about embarassing in front of a class.  Now I can actually stand on my toes and do all sorts of other amazing feats of balance that I couldn't do six months ago.  I still have bad days, but most of the time I can tell the exercise is paying dividends.  

Good luck with the neuro and keep us posted, ok?

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