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i have many MS symptoms, but i'm worried about being derailed
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i have many MS symptoms, but i'm worried about being derailed

I've been in bed about 80% of my day for the past month due to chronic pain in my left buttock and leg. I just saw a PCP for the first time in years (I'm pretty healthy, generally) and had to twist his arm to send me to orthopedic surgery instead of putting me on the physical therapy route (I practice yoga when I can get there these days; neither that nor chiropractor has permanently resolved the pain, although it gives temporary relief (20 to 30 minutes). Getting to the hospital itself is a painful and laborious thing, and to have to make the painful trek out there several times so someone can move my leg around seems ridiculous at this point. So I have an appt with an orthopedic surgery next month, and I hope to get an MRI to find out whether I have a herniated disk.

HOWEVER, I also have many symptoms of MS (this leg pain may be another symptom). Is there a way to make sure that my MRI can be checked for MS symptoms as well?

Here are my symptoms:

tingling in left hand when peeing (intermittent, lifelong)

after walking for 15 minutes or more, at rest, electric shock sensations throughout both legs

early 20s partial paralysis (couldn’t stand up, no pain though)

early 20s inability to urinate or have bowel movements (one month, unexplained; was schedule for testing for MS but did not complete tests for complicated reasons)

frequent UTIs and constipation

left leg goes numb (front of thigh, about once a year), dead, like a novacaine shot

sometimes see stars (not associated with sudden movement)

short-lived “blank” sensation, not quite dizzyness, like a brain fart, somewhat pleasant

restless legs at night (intermittent, lifelong)

cold feet (recent development)

I just feel so often like my concerns are dismissed by doctors. How can I make sure I'm checked for these MS symptoms without jumping through a million senseless hoops?

Thanks for your reply!

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You need get yourself to a neurologist ASAP--forget the ortho route for now, okay? You have more than a bunch of reasons why MS should be ruled in, or out. There are other things 'out there' that it could be, but as someone with MS, I'd say you need to have MRIs of brain and entire spine, as well as a lumbar puncture. You should also seek out EPs-evoked potentials, and get a referral to a urologist, who can do a urodynamics test which can be real helpful in demonstrating whether you have a neuro issue related to urinating. They can also demonstrate how to cath--which I hate, but have a few straight caths in my closet should I have a retention problem like I did back in 2005, when I needed to be hospitalized. You take care, go see someone and post back ASAP! please, hugs, Kate
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I agree with Kate.  You need to be seen by a neurologist.  Weather or not you have MS, I don't know, but it does sound like you are having neurological problems.

Make sure your doctor knows all of these symptoms and ask to be referred to a neuro.  Keep a time-line of all your symptoms and be sure to show it to your neuro.  It will help him/her to get a feel of what's been going on with you.

I'll be praying,
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