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if this is a flair up , how long will it last?
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if this is a flair up , how long will it last?

Hi all, hope your all doing well.. as for me.. not so good..
as of last sunday, i've been dealing with foot , hand, face, arm numbness, dizziness,
blurry vision, spasms,neck pain, on and off headaches, but more in the eye headaches,
It started after I was sitting at the computer Sunday, when out of the blue, I felt
this pain that ran from the center of back to the from of my chest.  it took my
breath away.  It slowly went away and 5min later returned, the 2nd time was
not as strong of a pain as the first, nor did it last as long.  Immediately following,
I started with numbness and tingling in the arm and feet.. as the days went on
more symptoms kept coming and dont seem to be letting up.   I never had this
pain in the back like this , just wondering if anyone has, and if so, is it the start of
a flair, and how long will it last..I usually have these types of sx,(except for the back thing) but never usually all
at once.. usually its only one or two things at a time, now it feels like so many
at once...  Im really having a hard time working like this.
Thanks so much,
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Hi Cyndi,
There is defnitely something serious going on with you right now - have you called your neuro to discuss this?  If not, please do so before the weekend comes.

There is no way anyone can ppredict how long a flair will last - your body will be in charge unfortunately.

feel better,
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