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oh my, please tell me about spasms
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oh my, please tell me about spasms

I just read Heather's post about spasms being part of a relapse. Here I sit in the middle of a 'flair' of when my body goes nuts on me. I have been having muscle spasms ever since this started and do everytime!! I had no idea these are a symptom. I do know of course that there has to be a reason for them, but didn't know they were considered a symptom!
They came on just as this started again and are so bad you can sit and watch the twitches.
Wow my thoughts are spinning right now.
Heather, what do you take for them, that you were suggesting?


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There are many medications out there that are reported to help with the spasms.  Let me make something clear about spasms in MY case.  I do not have to be in a flair-up to have spasms.  Ever since my first attack 12 years, I was left with spasms that occur everyday and have had them throughout those 12 years.  It's just something that never went away.  I have had the same spinal lesion that shows on MRI now, for all of those 12 years.  I think in my case, this may be the reason I suffer from spasms.  Keep in mind, that you do not always have to have a lesion in the spine, to have spasms.  I am just saying that I believe this is true in MY case.

It is true that some people do not have spasms unless they are in a flair-up or may experience them after exercise or from getting overheated.  I also do not describe these spasms as "twitching."  These are spasms that you can see as a muscle in my leg becomes rock hard.  You can see it and feel it and then watch it disappear.  It may happen in my thighs or any part of my legs.  It will start in the thigh, stop, then start in my left calf.  That stops and it will start again in my foot...and continues throughout my day and night.

All the medications that are out there for spasms, may have reduced the number of spasms that I have, but has never stopped them.  I do not remember a day in the past twelve years that I have not had leg spasms of some kind and severity.

So, I cannot suggest one medication over another.  I do take pain medication in addition to muscle relaxants.  As I said, this may only reduce the number of spasms that I have, but does not prevent them.  The medications may work differently for others.

Sorry I can't be more specific.  Believe me, if I knew what prevented the spasms, I would definitely be taking it.  This part of having MS, is the hardest part for me to deal with, since it is a daily part of my life.  I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me, but I have not known a day without pain, for over 10 years, despite good medication.  My doctor does everything she can to lessen my suffering.  So I am lucky.  I am being treated appropriately.  

You may have remembered that I posted a while back talking about an epidural, when I am at my worst.  I have gone to a pain management center that specializes in epidurals and also pump implants into the spinal space to deliver medication directly to the spinal cord.  I have not been convinced that this would be the route for me, just yet.  Now an epidural and a couple days of hopsitalization, just to take the pain away for a couple days, would be a god-send.  Getting the insurance company to approve it, is another matter.  Yes, my pain sometimes gets that bad...where I would beg for an epidural just to relieve my unrelenting pain.  

So that's the story of MY spasms history.  Hope that my explanation helped you to understand alittle more about spasms.  Keep in mind, that spasms caused from MS can happen anywhere in the body.  They are not confined to the legs.  

I sure appreciate the information Heather. I am so sorry you have to deal with this all the time. :(   Your spasms sound so very aweful.  I'm not sure if I read the post about the epidural but I will go back and find it. Many times also, I read things and completely forget, and when rereading them I remember. argg
My spasms arent' the extent of becoming hard, they are very annoying and mildly painful for a second. Usually one spot will go for awhile, then another area, or sometimes at the same time, all over the body. This time they started as this 'episode' started.
This really got me thinking about the first time I had this happen, was actually during the pregnancy and everyone (later) blamed it on the diabetes. I guess I just kept attributing it to that, and a few times I was very low potassium. I am not low potassium right now (just had lab work) and the blood sugar is doing fine.
I have only had one MRi of the spine, it was not long after having the baby, I believe it was without contrast. I am thinking about asking for a copy of it, not sure if it would show anything since the doctor's didnt' mention finding anything on it. But from what I am reading, just maybe there was something and it was disregarded.

I'm sorry to hear how bad your pain can be- many ((cyber hugs)) and thank you again for the info, I am lost in a sea of confusion.

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