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old aged question but does pot work?
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old aged question but does pot work?

Hi All

some will remember me others not.

Hi too zilla,quix my beloved Doni, heather and i forget....there goes the fibro fog again LOL

They say i have fibro as they cant put me in a box my GP is certain its something else but my rheumy says it a pain condition for sure fibromyalgia and had it 10 years and just made chronic by the car crash which i had in 2005 which caused me disk problems.

i've tried many drugs and am on lyrica fenntal patches 100 (opid),klonazapam but nothing seems to work, but a friend who has fibro and another friend who has MS swears by either putting pot in there tea or smoking 3 a day and says she is pain free, is it as toxic as some of the drugs i am on now?
Its against the law and when i was younger i smoked alot of it for fun but it made me parinoid and not focused but then these drugs can do that.

any advise?

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Hey, sweetheart!!!!!  Couldn't believe it when I saw your name on the forum!!!!  Good for you.

I can't answer your questions about the pot, but I'm sure some on here can.

Stay around if you feel up to it, we all miss you terribly.

Love & Hugs
Sam! Sam! My dear, Sam!  I'm so glad to see you!  And really sorry to hear of your ongoing and increasing pain.  I am lucky to live in a medical-pot approved state so it is available (tho our federal government has tried to prosecute docs who are practicing within the state law)  Anyway, these are my thoughts.  I always have some, don't I?

Living in severe pain causes damage to the life, to the immune systemand to the people around us.  Most of our meds cause cognitive dysfunction.  Our diseases cause cog dysfunction.  So what if pot causes it, too?  How would we tell the difference, lol.?  The amount of pot required to help relieve pain is far less than the heavy daily use that is documented to cause brain damage.

Now, the illegality of it is a problem, and I won't speak to whether you should break the law.  I have been a vocal and monetary supporter of the Medical Marijuana Laws in this country.  So that tells you where I fall.  I know others on this forum feel very differently.  So many of the legal things in our lives are SOOOOOO much more harmful (like cigs and alcohol) that I see the fight against allowing people who suffer to avail themselves of pot as arbitrary and nonsensical.

The studies are divided as to whether it helps.  The people are not.  Some say it doesn't help them, and some say it is the only thing that helps.  Is it placebo?  I wouldn't care.  Relief is relief.  You are already on sizeable doses of narcotic that is not giving you relief.  I would caution you, if you decide to try it, to go slow and be sure to have someone around if there is a problem.

I worry so much about you and what you have been through.  I grew so attached to you when you were with us regularly last year.   I'm so glad that you have had Doni and others to help you through!

It is soo good to see you!!!!!!!!!


Momma Quix
Hi there...good to see you back...sorry to hear your still in so much pain.  We have missed you here, as you probably know I'm from BC canada...I'm not sure if it legal here...I think so??  

I haven't tried it yet...but maybe will in the future... anything to stop the pain in my legs and arms...

hang in there girl and keep in touch more... nice to hear from you.

Hey Sam...good to see you back although I am so sorry you are having this chronic pain!  Not fair at all!  

I was offered medicinal marijuana by my g.p. but I opted to stick with the Elavil and Tegretol mainly because I have tried marijuana socially and all it did was make me want to sleep and it really slowed down my urge to do ANYTHING  and I have enough trouble getting off my butt to do anything as it is.  Here in Canada it is legal for medicinal use and I suppose I will try it if need be.  

I just get the feeling that it might be like the Percocet in that it doesn't really help with the just makes me feel differently about it.

Hope you have some luck in your search and you do get some relief soon.  Would like to see you stick around too...Quix didn't say you could leave did she? hehe

Lots of Hugs,
I have fibro, DDD, ostoarthritis, neuropathy in legs and feet due to type 2 diabetes, and etc. I went to Florida in June. My daughter is building a new house on acrege in country. I slept in their bedroom of the house in progress. The bathroom they use is accessed thru the bedroom (Only one completed). In the mornings, due to time differences, I was asleep when they came thru to use it. The first day, my daughter said I was all scrunched up, face tight, not relaxed at all. That night, she gave me some of her "supply" to try. I didn't use much, maybe equivilent of one cig. The next morning after I got up, she told me I looked much more relaxed in sleep, stretched out, comfortable, and face at peace. During my stay in Fl I was much more relaxed, not in near as much pain, and didn't have to use my pain meds hardly at all. With very little pot use. Now I'm back home in  med-mj approved state, and am seriously considering getting a mm card. I found it very useful for my pain, and didn't have any cognitive issues, with the light use of it.

I won't speak to the legal issues of it, but as far as the medical issues, I found it very beneficial. Good luck Hoping we will all be pain-free someday.

Hugs & Prayers, Maggie
PS Good to see you back!! Stay around!
I have seen studies on both sides of the argument.   The problem with these studies is that MS is a changeable disease - there's lots of stuff going on in the brain, and silent disease progression, that has nothing to do with drugs, legal or otherwise.  

There's a study that says that marijuana use causes cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis sufferers.  (Problem is, over 50% of MS sufferers have cog impairment anyway - how do they create a control group?)  There's another study that says that marijuana use actually builds brain tissue - the stuff that controls memory.  There's yet another study that says that marijuana keeps cancer cells from forming.  

I've heard people say that marijuana controls pain.  Now, I only have two states of being  - with and without.  When I'm without, I get a lot of painful prickles in my face, hands and knees.  My hands and arms cramp up more, and become hard to use.  When I'm with, those prickles are not gone, but much reduced, and I have less problems with cramping.  

My neuro has checked me for spasticity, and he says I have none.  I know he's wrong, because it's not normal for my ankles to cramp in the middle of the night, or for my hand to spasm while chopping vegetables!  But perhaps it's the pot use that keeps the clinical signs of spasticity from being obvious to my neuro.
Hi Sam,
I'm kind of new, but I want to offer an opinion.  I tend to worry about too much medication, (legal or not).  There is a physician in our area who does pain management and he gives lots of rx's for pain.  He has told people that there are drugs that when used in combination with each other can cause slowing of the breathing.   I would research the effects of any meds you take for risks when combined with pot. Just a thought..........
If alcohol can be risky with meds,  maybe pot could be too.
Good Luck,
Thank You all so much for your comments, some i have answeredprivatley and some i will on here


I too used it a large extent in my younger years before my kids and i too found it took all my want to do things away but then i feel that on these pain patches and sleepy so i dont think there would be a differnece there except one is legal one is not, i dont like the idea of smoking again after so long but have read some very interesting info someone sent and was impressed by the face light smoking has litle effect to the lungs, i would still rather put it in my food, i so wished i was in a country that understood its benefits and would put it in legal form it has to be better then some of the meds i'm on one is lyrica been trying to come off it for months and everytime i do my whole body goes heywire i've had to do it over months from 400 down to 150 by dropping 75 a mth and i can realise the benefits already like weight loss but i am more tired and the nerve pain is statring to return but i have heard it has such a high sucidal and depression rate which i suffer bad from that i wanted off.


it sure does relax your muscles i have had an old shoulder injury that has got so bad now they are going to mRI it and x ray but when i smoked pot in the old days it took away all the pain, i used it for all sorts of pain i have had in the pass tooth pain, knee pain so i know it works and it sends you into a deep sleep without the nasty nightmares. I think as you are luckey enough to live in a state that does legal pill form pot i would go for it for sure. good luck.


i've tried hydrothearpy,acupuncher, chripractor, and now they are putting me on a cognetive thearpy course to help if i can get there thats all the point i never can as too far as i cant drive or too ill. but i know keeping a positive mind frame is essensial and in the recent brake up of my me and my husband i think stress has been a real factor.

thanks all for your comments.will think hard and do more sam xx
Hey, Angel from Across the Pond!!

SO good to hear from you!!  I'm sorry I missed your last post!  They fly so fast here!

I MISS you!

Yes, I don't know if it's been mentioned, but Elaine has said before that Montel Williams, a popular talk show host here in the States with MS uses medical marijuana in pill form, I believe.  It seems to help him.  Better on the lungs that way, too.

I DO hope things look up for you, my friend.  Physically and on the home front.  I think of you often.  

Prayers and hugs,

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