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question: does one need a dx of m.s. to be referred to an m.s. clinic?...
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question: does one need a dx of m.s. to be referred to an m.s. clinic?

i've just come from seeing my wonderful family doc.

she agrees, given the new numbness etc. that a second neurological opinion is the next step.

she would like to refer me to st. michaels neurology clinic in toronto.  i've just looked it up and there is only an m.s. clinic there so i'm not sure the referral will go through, as i am still in limboland.

if it does go through, however, their website states they are one of the largest m.s. clinics in the world!

anyone know if one must be dx'd before attending such a clinic?


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I believe that your standard MS clinic will require a referral from your regular physician.  You don't have to have a diagnosis to be admitted, but they will want to see all your records to evaluate you before accepting you as a patient.

At least this is my experience from working with the UTSW MS clinic.  I'm still on the last piece of paperwork - a questionnaire that I need to fill out before I send it in.  But that's here in the states - I don't know what Canada's rules are.
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thanks so much jen!  that sounds very logical.

my doc. knew they specialized in m.s. at this hospital so perhaps she was aware that the neuro. clinic there was indeed an m.s. clinic.  fingers crossed i get in to see someone there.

good luck with your last questionnaire...i hope it gets you in soon.

xo michelle
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hi Michelle just wanted to say you will get your appointment there you do not need to be diagnosed first. some people that attend m.s. clinics in canada are diagnosed first by seeing a regular neuroligist. i was referred by my family physician to the here in b.c. i was not diagnoesed but my physician felt that i likely had m.s.At the m.s. clinice they will order testing and follow you and hopefully start treatment if this is what it is. good luck.
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