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right eye problems seem to be back :(
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right eye problems seem to be back :(

last night, my right eye only for vision got really weird.....still trying to figure it eyeball has been sore and achy for the last 4 days ...also have tingle/shocks on right side of my face, a light numbness in my right arm/hand...also feels

heavy......heaviness in my right leg too....been tripping over my right foot a lot trip hurt my bad knee it has Osteoarthritis....and my left side rib cage feels like I'm getting a bear hug (wish it would stop),....missing mainly nouns in writing and talking....I'm usually able to catch it if I reread it......some shades of red are fading

(according to my right eye only)..dim vision....and I swear there's a small black cat running around in my house even though I don't have right eye ball just feels weird/not normal..... a weird draining fatigue that strikes early afternoon,.......

I can't look up or down without searing  pain in neck that shoots a electric-shock-like thing down my spine....get very dizzy...spinning, I usually lean to the right more with trying to regain my balance......

during the last couple of weeks my ears (this is new)at different times would start to ring very loud for no reason......sometimes causing extreme vertigo and nausea

So last night............ it started on my side vision it was bright clear edge thingy that waved/moved around back and forth was clear but moving so I couldn't see with the eye,........I'm not sure if calling it a blind spot would be right......was

kinda like one but not dark......then my central vision was affected .....I couldn't see with my right eye open........what ever this is it seemed familiar  ............kind of reminded me what my right eye did a few years ago before its (side vision) went black for 45-60 minutes,....

.....I was getting scared, ..........I could still control my body and could think /talk pcp has checked my blood work, pressure etc......many times

I had to cover my right eye so I could see straight and it was starting to give me a headache from all the movement.....

this morning its not as bad, but I can still see it along with if you look up during a light snow fall...

last time I talked to my PCP (2/24/11) about my sx left forearm (new) that time....he wanted to do the 'wait and see'

I should probably call my PCP about this.....I have an appointment on the 17th.......should I wait until then?......I don't feel safe with the idea of driving now.......does this sound familiar to anyone?

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forgot to add

I'm not dx'd with MS

sorry my memory is good today
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the results for the brain MRI (taken 6/8/10) . I'm coping the following from the report itself.........and I'm not buying its migraines causing all these problems

MRI of the brain

clinical data: multihance 14 cc IV

Technique: the following imaging sequences were obtained:
FLAIR    BLADE        Sagittal        3
T1                            Sagittal        2
T2          BLADE         Axial          3
FLAIR    BLADE         Axial           3
T1                             Axial           3
DWI                          Axial           5
T1                             Axial           3 post-gadollinium, mag transfer
T1                            Coronal       3  post-gadollinium, fat sat
T1                             Axial           3  post-gadollinium, fat sat    

FINDING: There is no evidence of intracraial mass effect or midline shift. The ventricles, sulci, cisterns and fissures are all normal in size, position, and configuration. Gray/white matter differentiation is normal. A few nonspecific foci of white matter hyperintensity are demonstrated in the supratentorial white matter tracts, a couple evident in the posterior left frontal lobe, arguably one or two also on the right.  Findings nonspecific. Post-migraine, post-vasculitic sequela, minimal small vessel disease, post-inflammatory or infectious sequela and multiple sclerosis all in the differential. The typical central subependymal striations characteristics of MS, however, are not identified.  Again, no enhancing intracranial lesions are present. No foci of acute diffusion restriction are present indicative of acute ischemic change. Regions of the mastoid air cells and sinuses are unremarkable in appearance.    

IMPRESSION:  A few nonspecific supratentorial punctate foci of white matter T2 prolongation without mass effect of enhancement. nonspecific appearance, please refer to discussion above. otherwise negative intracranial MRI examination
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Call you PCP now.  Loss of color saturation perception, phantom "black spot" (the cat) paian behind the eye for 3-4 days, dim vision in the eye; make a good symptomatic case for Optic Neuritis.  If it is, the quicker you get on IVSM, the less damage.  I takes me a long time to get my vision to improve after I get an attack of ON (6-9 months) and it never seems to come back 100%.

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