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tightness in lower left leg/hip area pain
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tightness in lower left leg/hip area pain

Hi everyone,
just a quick question, I have had this tightness in my left leg (calf area)
along with pain in my hip. It hurts to walk and sometimes the foot feels,
not numb, but like its not on the floor.  This has been going on for about
four days.  Is this just a muscle spasm or what?
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Hi there. I get these type of pains alot on my left side...weak side.  And to me if you feel like you foot isn't on the floor I would call that a numbness of your foot?  My opinion..hahaha

I get pains in the hip area too.  But I'm not sure if it spasm, I would guess it is, but haven't got it confirmed by the neuro yet.  my next visit I will ask.

I don't get the pain daily, only once in a while.

take care
Maybe spasticity?

I hope you feel better soon!
Does the feeling in your leg feel like a band is around it?  I used to get that around the time I was diagnosed with MS.  The neuro told me it was nerve related.  Are you taking anything for nerve pain?  The tightness went away for the most part after I started taking gabapentin.  

Hope you find out what is causing it, but my bet it is nerve related.  Not sure about the hip pain though.

My brother has peripheral neuropathy, which started as a strange sensation on the sole of his foot, that eventually turned into feeling like he was walking on gravel rocks, and he felt a band around his ankle, like wearing a sock. Around the same time he started having a lot of hip pain and tightness in his leg, this eventually became more of a problem to him than the foot sensations.

It was explaned to him that the hip pain is from walking incorrectly due to the foot issue, unnatural twisting etc in the hip joint whilst trying to favor the good foot. He suffered for years because neuropathic pain is hard to hit with normal pain meds, it just progressed. He eventually tried drugs that target the brain, one was gaba???? (sorry lost the word in the middle of typing it lol) and endep, endep is an antidepressant but its also rx for people experiencing pain from phantom limb syndrome after an amputation.

It took a while to find the right combination but today he's a new man, 3 months on the right combination and he's getting his life back, not totally pain free but he's still working out how much is too much to be doing. The endep even brought along his smile, not that he was depressed but its helped lift his grumpy old man persona that came from being in chronic pain all the time.

I cant recommend the type of test they do to dx peripheral nerve damage, he was dx by the long list on history and worsening sx, but i'd recommend getting it checked out to see if there is anything that can be done to help you.

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