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went to ER, no answers, blamed on MS?????
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went to ER, no answers, blamed on MS?????

Hi all,
I posted a question last week concerning pneumonia. I didn't go to doc to see if it would go away and because my kids got sick with a viral sinus thing which I caught and made things worse.
So, I went to ER last night. You guys will love this, the first thing out of the doctors mouth was, "You look great considering what I saw on your chart with the MS, Ehlers Danlos." My response, "Yeah, but I still feel like crap". Errrrrggggghhhh!!!!!  Okay, so...
Presented with low grade fever, can't eat much, no appetite. Shortness of breath when walking or talking. Extreme fatigue. Yesterday was first day I couldn't make myself do anything. Just laid in the bed. It's exactly how I felt when dx'd with pneumonia in December. But, xrays were fine, blood counts fine, urine fine. I don't have any of the typical MS symptoms I usually feel. Except for the fatigue. Which I do  understand comes with my MS exacerbations but usually with some other symptoms.
So, basically I got the same deal like I used to get when I was trying to get dx'd with MS. Stress or illness can bring on MS attack, etc etc.  
I just haven't ever heard of this stomach thing with MS. I believe that when my stomach is doing this, obviously I'm not getting adequate food, so I take a multi-vitamin. I've been through a gatro guy and he's done an endoscopy to find an inflamed stomach but no luck finding an answer.
Is MS doing this????  Do any of you, or have any of you been through this?  I will add that my typical stress reaction is to eat, versus some people that don't.
Thanks for reading and any and all replies would be incredibly helpful. I'm just trying to carefully consider which doctor to start pushing/praying for answers.
Thanks again,
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Hi Michelle, its good to see you around here.  I'm pretty tired myself today and perhaps my brain just isn't working right, but I'm having trouble figuring out what exactly your question is here ....

can you explain a bit what stomch thing ou are wondering about?  

later, Lu

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My stomach.  It's like, I don't have an appetite at all. The sights and smells of food, sometimes smell good sometimes make me sick to my stomach. I force myself to eat things but can only take in small amounts before I'm full or it hurts.  
Basically, I feel so tired that I make myself do some  things just to see if I can't snap out of it, just makes things worse. I keep a headache. I'd rather just lay down than eat, or do anything really.
I'm not depressed. Angry cause this is happening. Started 2 wednesdays ago. I was feeling great before that for like 3 days, then this....
Another thing I was thinking about after I posted is that the other day I was having a "mental" day where I was like in a fog. I know that I have lesions that cause cognitive issues (forgetfulness, memory, etc.) but it was a bad day.
Could that be the problem? Could it be that this is an MS attack and affecting the way I'm thinking about things? I'm not convinced but, I don't know. I'm all over the place I know. I was that way with the doc last night. I also have trouble making a point....

I hope this explained better, if not, let me know, won't hurt my feelings, I've seen alot of your posts and know that you are very knowledgeable, along with others. I'm sure to get an answer here...
Thank you so much,
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I'm not totally clear about your question, either, but I think you are asking if your decreased appetite and inability to eat much could be contributed to MS.  Is that correct?

It is possible that you have delayed stomach emptying, or gastroparesis.  I've found out that I have a relatively mild form of it.  I love to eat, try to eat healthy and do for the most part, though hadn't lost weight I'd gained from inactivity from fatigue and pain.  I ate too large of portions.

I had a colonoscopy late last year, and lost 10 pounds from gut irritation, loss of appetite, and inability to eat much.  My gastro suggested I eat small amounts of bland low-fiber low-fat foods several times a day.  It did help the irritation until I started eating larger portions.

I had an upper endoscopy last month, which showed gastric inflammation and some benign polyps which were removed.  I'm back to eating small portions with less fiber than I usually do, avoiding raw vegetables, etc.; a modified gastroparisis diet.  I've lost more weight (which I needed to do).  I take a multivitamin, calcium complex, some extra C and D vitamins, and a few other supplements.

I had a flare of vertigo recently, and my lack of appetite was even more apparent. I haven't lost my appetite with previous bouts of dizziness. I didn't have much energy to exercise, so my weight loss was slow.  

The answer to your question may just be maybe.  If things continue to be troubling, or get even worse, you could talk to your gastro about your stomach symptoms and she may order a swallowing study.  I haven't had one yet, so I'm not sure what's its called.

Its possible that when you're totally healed from your illness you will start feeling better all over.

My fatigue hasn't really let up much since my big flare of MS symptoms started me on my road to diagnosis a couple of years ago.  I do notice that my fatigue is much worse if I've been sick, like with a virus or sinus infection, as well as whatever other symptoms decide to act up, like tremors, bladder issues, nerve pain, etc.

I hope you're feeling better soon.  Be sure you get enough fluids; drink small amounts at a time.  Take good care of yourself, please.

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I was thinking of gastroparesis too.  Kathy described it really well.  Someone here had a gastric emptying test just last week.  I think it was to check for gastroparesis.  We have talked about the prevelance of autonomic symptoms that occur with MS in several places lately.  I think gastroparesis may fall into this category.  It can be a come-and-go condition.

I'm also thinking that I've read somewhere along the line that we (people with MS) can also have respiratory problems.  It makes sense.  I know I often catch myself in extremely shallow breathing or will notice my breaths are deep and rapid even at rest (like I can't get enough air).  I'm not conditioned so a little exertion leaves me out of breath. But I can't account for why the other stuff happens.

If you aren't feeling like eating or drinking you may be a little dry.  That could account for the low grade temp.  I hope you can get this figured out.  It seems the possibilities for symptoms never end--no matter how good we look!

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