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why are medicaldoctors so quick to 'blame' issues on 'yo...
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why are medicaldoctors so quick to 'blame' issues on 'your MS' when the mri show torn cartilege in bilateral knees

why?  if MS was taken out of the eequation, arthroscopic knee surgery would have been done
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Hi there,

Welcome Ganygirl! What do you have going on?  I'm thinking that your talking basically about carrying the dx of MS, and when a new issue arises, instead of making sure it's not MS related, they just blame it on MS.  It this where your frustration lies? If so, it's certainly understandable.  

We rookies to MS ourselves do not even know what all MS symptoms are.  Those veterans know more, but we are all thrown curve balls from time to time, and a good Dr. will need to consulted with to find the cause of a problem.

Hope we are able to help you out.....
Take care,
Welcome, dear heart!

MS would NEVER cause knee damage as you describe.  It's a disease of the central nervous system.  Konk your doctor's on the head and remind them of that.  If your knees need repair, no consideration of having MS should come into the equation.

Thanks for responding!! Myneuro has told me that my 'issues' are orthopedic just happens to be there,,but severe osteoporosis, -3.9 hips and -3.2 neck,,started on the new IV drug 1x a yr reclast for osteoprosis,but the injuries from the car wreck ..bilateral knee(torn medial meniscus post terior horn and shredded cartiledge on left, and a stress fracture of the 5th metatorsel right foot, has caused me to be in daily pain and unable to weight bear thus cant walk and am wheelchair....frustrating in that the orthos are hesitant to arthroscpe..b/c of ms and it maynot help since my quad musles are sooooweak........ugh!!!!!!
Oh, for pete's sake!  Why would the orthos think it wouldn't help?  Scoping out the knees, cleaning up the loose tissue, can definitely help reduce the pain.  If your quads are too weak to help in rehab, then that would interfere some with recovery.  If the cartilage is shredded, you may still have pain if they clear it out and you're down to bone on bone.  But it would still be better!!!!

MS, to my understanding, is no reason to put off needed surgery.  You do have a lot going on, so the pain reduction might be only partial, but arthroscopic surgery isn't that traumatic that it would make things worse.

How long did they say it would take the stress fracture to heal?  It seems that's the silver lining in your clouds; it should heal faster with you being non-weight-bearing.

I've had 5 knee surgeries.  I have shredded cartilage in my left knee, too much of which was cleaned out during a revision reconstruction of my ACL, my knee hurts most of the time.  I take glucosamine sulfate, which helps some, and every once in a while I get viscosupplemention injections in my knees, like Synvisc, only I use Euflexxa.  That can help a lot. I will need a total knee replacement, but they say I'm too young.  I also have a lot going on, but I won't highjack your post with my stuff.

You deserve to have your pain addressed. If they absolutely refuse to do surgery, you can consult with another surgeon, or at least ask if knee injections might help.  I would ask for a second opinion.  Pain is so frustrating; we need to reduce it one portion at a time if neccessary.  

I'm not diagnosed, am on my third neurologist, this one an MS specialist.  None have a good explanation for the many lesions in my brain or the weird neurological symptoms that I've been having. I'm going to a uro-gynecologist to see if they can shed some light on whether my bladder issues are neurological and therefore help my neuro decide to look a little deeper.

I'm hoping you get some relief from your pain.  Stand up for yourself (poor choice of words, :o))  and ask for the neccessary surgery.  If they refuse, ask them to put the reason for their refusal in writing.

Best of luck,


thanks for your words....i hope u get help also!! my suggestion....have contrast MRI's of the brain, cervical and lumbar........many lesions could be  hidden on these areas..not just the brain!!! I have been to alot of in ga, 2nd opinion in NY, and down jacksonville at mayo clinic..mayo toldme to get a stand up wheelchair..i'llnever walk again he NY i had 2 weeks of inhouse rehab to try to build quads..stayed with family for 1 month more and walked up/down stairs and resulted in shredded cartiledge left knee.mayoclinic said.i am tired of chasing doctors trying yo find help.!!
Neuro #2 sent me for spine MRI's, no contrast, on a 1.5 T machine.  It showed "patchy areas in thoracic spine that could be artifact or ms".  Neuro said artifact, so did MS specialist.  My sports and spine medicine doc took a look at the MRI, and said that it definitely was not artifact; it was visible from 2 views, and showed me what he saw.

They seem to have pre-diagnosed me with small vessel ischemic disease, though I really don't have any predisposing health risks, and you don't get neurological symptoms from small vessel ischemic disease.

So, your quads can be strengthened.  Is there some problem with the ligaments in your knees?  Why else would going up and down stairs shred cartilage? I don't get it.

Many of us here are exhausted from changing doctors, chasing after one that can help.  Unless something drastic shows up, my MS specialist is going to send me away to find another neurologist.  If my bladder issues are neurogenic, then she might keep me on, but how hard will she look for answers if she was ready to send me away the first visit?

I kept asking questions that made her think, and she sent me for more tests, that showed a couple more things that aren't wrong with me.  She refused to send me for a new cervical and thoracic MRI on a stronger machine since my last one was so recent and she thought it really didn't show anything much.  ARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!

See, I understand, though my issues are different.  It is so frustrating!  All we want is to be the best we can be; as well as possible within our limitations; our actual limitations, not something that someone wrote us off as having wrong with us.  We want the best treatment possible, as soon as possible, to improve our quality of life, or at least to stop it from sliding further down hill!!!

You take care of yourself, OK?


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