Arm Pain and Loss of Hand Control?
by Kristalette, Jun 15, 2013
Hi, I'm only 19 years old but I have noticed that I have shooting pains up and down my forearms as well as an inability to hold objects at certain times of the day… it doesn’t happen all the time so I’ve mostly just shrugged it off but it’s becoming a real problem for me, I ballroom dance and do stunts that require me to be able to hold myself in the arms of my partner as he spins me in the air, and if I can’t do that I could seriously injure either him or myself. I do a lot with my hands. I’m also a writer, I want to be a novelist someday and perhaps go to school for it, but I noticed in my last year of high school my arms would hurt really bad after I wrote for any longer than a half hour. It would get so bad that I wouldn’t be able to even move my hand for a good five or ten minutes. I also am an artist, I love to draw and am very good at it, my art teachers said they couldn’t teach me anything. I did sprain my wrist as a little kid, when I was in cheerleading I was a back spotter and I caught my flyer as she fell out of one of our more difficult stunts, we both landed on the ground and she landed on my hand. It was black and blue and I couldn’t use it for about a month. I also did gymnastics and capoeira (Brazilian martial arts), though I was never injured in either of those. My mother insists I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but we haven’t been able to get it checked, and I refuse to believe someone as young as me can develop something like that. Is there anyone out there who can help me? I need to know what this is and how to fix it, I would prefer some sort of exercise as opposed to taking pills or having surgery but at this point I will take any and all suggestions. Thank you in advance…
Sincerely Kristalette
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by tschockBlank, Jul 19, 2013
It sounds like your mom is right. CTS  can affect anyone at any age. It is normally caused by repetitive motions...such as typing.

Some find relief from massages, some from OTC's, others from wearing an arm brace, and still others require surgery.

Only your doctor or chiropractor will be able to tell you for sure if it is.