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Thigh problems
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Muscular Dystrophy (MD) refers to a group of more than 30 inherited diseases that cause muscle weakness and muscle loss and eventually cause you to lose the ability to walk. Discuss topics including Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), other types of MD, symptoms and ways to improve quality of life.

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Thigh problems

Hi I'm forteen and I have major pain in the middle back of my thighs. I really don't know what it is I haven't seen a docter. It's so excrutiating that i can't move my leg while this pain is active. Any ideas what I should do or what it is?
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Without seeing a doctor it's hard to know what is causing the pain.
There are so many possibilities...
Have you been bitten by anything?
Have you had any changes in physical activity lately? If you've been running, skiing, or any other activity that you haven't done before or haven't done in a while it could be that you've pulled some muscles...over stretched them.
If you've been sitting around idle ( not been doing much of anything except sitting in front of a computer or video game) it could be something much more serious.
At your age you shouldn't develop blood clots, but there have been known cases. If your thighs are hot, red, painful to the touch then seek out a doctor right away. Those are symptoms of blood clots. Blood clots form when you sit for too many hours at a time without getting up to stretch.

If none of the above seem to fit your situation, then a trip to the doctor is still in order. There are many types of muscular dystrophy, and they can all start in different areas of the body.
In our family is starts in the shoulders.
If it's MD you may have noticed some slight weakness in your legs. It may be difficult to go up and down stairs for instance.
Make a note of anything unusual and bring the list with you to the doctor's office.
Please don't hesitate to ask more questions or to offer more "symptoms"...these will help us to help you.
Please keep us posted, and let us know what the doctor says.
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