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World's Safest Liver Cleanse Smoothie
World's Safest Liver Cleanse Smoothie

The liver is the largest internal organ in the human body. It performs over 500 different functions. The liver affects our entire body's health and well-being. The ingredients in the following smoothie are rich in valuable nutrients and anti-oxidants and are well known to help cleanse, strengthen, tone, and nourish the liver. To keep my liver healthy, drink 2 quarts of this smoothie at least once a month. If you cannot find dandelion greens in your local health food store, you may substitute it with romaine lettuce. Wherever possible, use organic or unsprayed varieties.

Blend well all the following ingredients in the blender to yield 2 quarts. Drink slowly and enjoy! Refrigerate to keep fresh. Remember that the fresher the juice is, the better it is for you, so try to drink it all within 24 hours.

    4 cups fresh dandelion greens
    1/2 head endive
    2 cups cilantro
    2 cups apple juice
    1 banana
    2 pears
    1 inch fresh ginger
    1 cup cranberries
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