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Nephrotic Syndrome + Protien

Ok, basically i have nephrotic syndrome, It is beening takin care of and undercontrol by my doctor. Well i have a problem, I want to lose wieght and retain muscle or even gain muscle but the best way for me to do that is a high protien diet. With that said i wieght 252 and i did my research and fro me to loose weight i need to eat around 2,700 calories a day. Now the fda recomends 50 grams of protein a day so my question for you is would this plan be ok

Workout everyday
Day 1 - shoulders,tricecps,chest,abs
Day 2 - All of back,biceps,abs
Day 3 - Legs (everything

workouts will be done before goin to bed so before every work out i would take a portien shake of 24 grams *that it*
and everyday in the morning take a vitamin supplements for sports (if you want me to list all of them just reply saying list them) .

i will run or jogg 1 mile everyday( more later on as i get better in shape)

Tae Kwon Do 3 times a week

I understand i should only use you for educational reason and thats exactly what i am doing. When u give me a response i will then decid if the question is work asking my specialist.

P.S. When i saymy N.S. is under control i mean i have no protien in the urine and my blood test are good but my blood pressure is still unclear becuase when i go to the doctors office i get 138/75 around there and in my school nurses office i get 110/60. so i took a portable BP machine home but still havent got the results back

I hope i gave u all the info u need to give me an accurate or somewhat accurate decesion

Please be honest if this is a retard move be like your retard,lol

Thank you for your help
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Diet is very important in patients with nephrotic syndrome. Large quantities of protein are being lost in the urine normally(not in your case). It is important to try and correct for this. Increasing the protein content of the diet and eating extra calories can be very helpful, and you may be asked to discuss your diet with a dietitian by your physician. It is also important to limit the amount of salt in the diet. If should not be added without tasting first, and preferably avoided altogether (one can buy salt substitutes which will need to be approved by the doctor). Hidden salt in foods such as bread and convenience foods need to be thought about.
However high intake of protein must be avoided to prevent any tubular damage to the kidneys caused by filtering of the excess proteins.
• Sodium intake in diet should be low.  
• Fat intake should also be low.
• Fluid intake should be restricted as per the physician's advice.

So with this you can start exercising and increase the pace and intensity slowly, always do your exercise and cardio under the guidance of a trainer initially and then you can learn how to do it yourself.
Your blood pressure should always be measured after sitting in the doctor's clinic for 20 minutes and without any stress and anxiety, try it out this time.

Take care!
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