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Dizzyness, tingling feet, ringing ears,exhaustion
For many years I suffered from a ringing sensation in my head and ears, dry mouth, dizziness, stuffy head, tingling feet and extreme exhaustion to the point where I want to blackout. When I sneeze my head feels like exploding or when I bend forward I experience a sever head pain  Dr’s are unable to diagnose my condition.

A years or so ago I tried an Electro/Ionic Colloidal Silver drink that was supposed to relieve the condition but did nothing. Symptoms are aggravated by an intake of honey and apple vinegar. Please help.
I am a 66 year old male otherwise in good health.
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Dear Tinus,
Till now i have never seen Silver drink yielding good results.It's more of a placebo treatment.I would be really surprised to know that your ENT doctor couldn't arrive to a diagnosis.A simple CT/MRI would help to pinpoint the diagnosis.Please consult a good ENT specialist for the same,before opting for the scans.
As far as Honey and apple vinegar aggravating the problem, please avoid these items.
Feel free to ask us more.
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