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Jerks, tremors, etc
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Jerks, tremors, etc

Dear Sir:

I'm a 30 years old.

A year and a half ago I developed fasciculations which I would even get in my tongue. Then a few months ago I began to develop very slight myoclonic jerks in my hands and also a very slight kinetic tremor that I noticed after cessation of a movement in my fingers, or during a movement in my arm.

These jerks would be small in magnitude and frequency during the day but increase in magnitude and frequency at night, right on the verge of very of very light sleep (multiple jerks in succession in my fingers or a large bilateral jerk in my legs). They are different from the big ones people get....I am not that asleep and do not get a falling sensation and it's never my whole body, mainly my legs, hands/fingers, and jaw.

I also started experiencing bouts of confusion and could not do my job and developed severe akathisia where I was not anxious but could not sit still and would bounce on my feet while standing or shake my foot if sitting and would do this without realizing it. I am not on any medication that would cause this and do not have any anxiety. I also developed a "tic" where I would "laugh" even if something wasn't really funny.

I had my thyroid tested and was found to have hypothyroidism from TPO anti-bodies. The akathisia was so severe that I did not perceive any tiredness from this. I was put on synthroid. It has not resolved the symptoms above and my doctor will be referring me to a neurologist but I was wondering if you might have any ideas of what it might be that I should ask him about.

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Dear Friend,
Can be related to seizure or abnormal sleep pattern. This would require a good neurologist's opinion followed by EEG as well as sleep study tests and other tests as required by the doctor.
Meanwhile i would like you to rule out other small reasons for the condition (like stress, over activity of the muscles, improper rest between 2 major activities,etc).

It will be too early for me to comment presently.
Please discuss further after your consultation with the doctor.
And I also get the jerks in muscle groups in my trunk, and brief, involuntary lip pursing and swallowing. More recently, as I was reclining in a dental type chair waiting for someone, the muscles in my back began to quiver violently such that the chair began to shake. It was only in my back and not my limbs and lasted for about 40 seconds.
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