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Random shooting nerve pain
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Random shooting nerve pain

I have been experiancing random shooting nerve pain in my body for at least 5 years it started in my female parts which caused me to end up having exploritory surgery of that area which showed nothing. Over the years I have started getting those shooting pains all over in what feels like totally random locations like my back, leg arms, fingers, toes, inside my ears, my brain, and   and chest. The pains only last a few seconds which has caused me to put off seeing a doctor. However now the pains are starting to pick up in frequency rather fast and are more painful when there happen. I have also noticed and just wondering if it's related my back is really starting to give me problems it feels broken and now it's causing all sorts of problems for me. I have noticed that while doing cardio my toes and even my whole foot and lower leg will go to sleep. I am also getting dull achy pain throughout my hips. And if that wasn't enough my left leg will buckell while I am working out without warning. I am wondering if these two things are connected? and what is this? I don't have insurance can't afford to get it and don't qualify for state care. My concern is that i don't want to put a finacial strain on my husband and our six children if I can avoid it. What could this be? Is it serious? Can it be treated at home or should I see a doctor? And if so what kind of doctor?

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Dear Mamao,
Many thanks for posting the question via my forum.
Well if finances are a major constrains, then the simple and best way is to go for physiotherapy.
All you need is a good physiotherapist, who can examine you and teach you good exercises, in order to strengthen up the muscles so as to be able to ignore/resist the shooting pain.
In general these shooting pains are due to pinched nerves,disc problems or even muscle weakness.
I will not think much about the former two conditions as the pain pattern is vague.
Hence would relate it to weakness only.
Please try for physiotherapy and continue ot for 6 weeks.

Let me know after 6 weeks. I am sure we will be able to notice the change.

Something else I thought I should mention that might be related and was a sugnificant trama was after I gave birth to my fist baby I was paralyized from the waist down for a week. I could not move or feel my legs and I had no bladder control. I slowly got back sensastion and function but continued to have random buckelling of my left knee that made me drop to the ground for 4 months. MRI showed nothing and nobody could tell me if it was trama to my spinal nerves from a big baby or the epi. I wonder if the baby coming down the birth canal damaged my back and these random electrical shooting pains are related to that.

I have been to a phsyotheripist and they sad they thought I had an L4 or L5 disc issue because during her testing I had some indicators of it like zinging  pain up my back when she pressed in the space and left toe weekness. However most my back pain is in my upper middle back. I have been doing excersizes to strengthen my back but it seems to make it worse not better. And when my back hurts worse it seem like the shooting nerve pain is worse and more frequent.

I don't know what is going on but I feel they are related some way because both things get worse at the same time and because the seemingly unrelated trama 9 years earlier after giving birth also was nerve related trama in my back and it to cause buckelling in my left leg without warning. Based of that extra info what to you think? Should I still stick with the back excerises? Or should I look at another option? And if money wasn't an issue what would you suggest?

Thank you so very much for your time and opinion:)

I don't know
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