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White spots on MRI
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White spots on MRI

I'm a 40yr male. I have been having headaches, numbness on right side on/off, blurred vision on/off in left eye, poor night vision, always tried no matter how long I sleep, neck pain,always feels like I have swollen glands in and around my neck,lower back pain, hand tremors. Do not drink or smoke.

I have had the following test in the last three months.
MRI of C,T Spine-nodes on spine and some disc degeneration.
MRI of lower back-number 4,5  some disc degeneration, some bulking of the last disc.
MRI of brain- showed small white spots and the frontal portion of the brain in the v section was darker then the rest of the brain.
Sleep Apnea test-negative.
Spinal Tap-results are pending.
Vision Evoked Response Test- results are pending.
Physical Therapy-some relief of lower back pain
Blood Work- gamma high, cholesterol high, liver enzymes high, vitamin d low.

My PC doctor keeps sending to specialist, Chiropractor, Spine and Orthopaedic. Orthopaedic sent me to Neurology. The Neurologist seems to think all of this is caused by my job. If so why did it take 20 1/2 years to show up. The darker portion of my brain he says was caused because I had more fluid there in that portion with no explanation as to why and if it normal. The white spots he referred to as UFOs because they are unidentifiable. I have appointment with a new Neurologist next week for a second opinion.

I was just wondering if anyone here has ever had anything like this or knows some who has. Its were frustration and makes the days and night late and achy. Thanks you for any information you can give me and your time doing so.
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Dear Deltaflightattendant,
Sometimes it really becomes difficult for the treating doctor to explain for the reasons/symptoms about the patient when all the investigation reports are fully normal
Then we start to look for the other causes.Age is a big factor which causes,in general, spots in the brain.Also stress,work overload superimposes all these things.
So i would also co-relate these findings with your treating doctor and just advice you to carry on in an effective manner with your lifestyle.
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Wow.. I have had the exact same things happening to me.. I have numbness in my legs, feet, burning pain in my arms and legs as well.  Burning and heat, along with my neck and nodes swollen.. with cold rags nightly.  My headaches are relentless, as well as the pain.  MRI shows lesions, but the Nerologist pretty much says it is nothing.  I am batting zero.  My vision loss is getting pretty bad quite fast in my right eye, same side as the headaches, and face pain.  So all they keep giving me is antidepressants and tylenol 3, which does nothing for the pain.  If you find anything out, please let me know.  
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