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16 yr old w/neurological symptoms
4 yrs ago began have transient binocular vision loss 12-15 x's a day lasting seconds.  6 mos ago, transient peripheal vision loss accompanied by headache pressure at base of skull which has been constant (24/7) since along with nausea, tingling/numbness on right side of body, burning pains in head and right side of face, transient vision episodes, focal gaze staring episodes, twitching, orthostatic hypotension, positive Babinski response (by neuro), fatigue. Never actually loses conciousness, just gets very close to it.

She had one episode ( at different times lasting 30-45 secs) each of: could not spell her name and words came out jumbled.  School nurse noted dilated pupils that would not constrict to light when pressure was 80/44 and headache worse than normal.

However all test fine: MRI & MRA of brain & cervical clean, chest xray, neurological exam (except for Babinski) fine, Opthamologist said eyes fine, echocardiogram, EKG, EEG, Spinal tap, Western Blot Lyme Test, Heavy metal bood test, CBC, Hormone blood test, Tilt Table test showed orthostatic hypotension, peripheal vision test fine.

She does have normal low blood pressure (90/52), she has fibroadenomas in right breast (biopsy showed no malignancy), she has large globular pituitary (endo said normal for teen), Tilt test showed Orthostatic Hypotension (several times 80/28 during test but did not faint), she has mild spina biffida oculta, and Babinski response (neuro said not an issue if all other tests are fine).

I am at a loss as to what to do next.  She did have a new EEG yesterday, but we do not have results yet.  They are ready to write her off to pschological.

Question 1:  Can she have MS with clean MRI and clean Spinal fluid?
Question 2:  Is Babinski response signifigant if no other test findings showing abnormality?
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