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19 year old male cubital tunnel radial tunnel tingling in feet tremors ...
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19 year old male cubital tunnel radial tunnel tingling in feet tremors fasiculations

hi i am a 19 year old college student. it all started last march(09) when i was in the middle of an avid weight lifting routine. I was up to this point a 6 day a week weight lifter, 6'6 195 lbs with very low body fat and ran 3-4 miles almost daily. I eat very well, and was at that point on track to play division 1 college basketball at depaul university...until my life fell apart..on march 23, 2009 i felt a strong pull just behind the medial side of my left elbow, but kept lifting that day, on my curls that day i felt an almost electric shock feeling on throough my elbow. i was smart and said screw the weights for a bit and thought i'd take a few weeks forward 4 weeks i saw my MD and complained that even though I wasn't lifting at all my elbow felt inflammed, no more pain at all and at that point sometimes subsiding, but i wanted to get back to the gym. fast forward two weeks, i began with a physical therapist who used ultra sound and electrical stimulation on it and it felt near 100%, but at work, i was a waiter at the time, the night I LEFT PT, i felt that same weird intensified pull in my arm. so i took more time off, still not taking ibeauprofen or icing regularly, i took a few weeks off PT still no weights hoping to get back to 100%. fast forward to June, i finally couldn't take it and decided to try a new PT who was an A$$, and told me he could get e back in the gym in 2 weeks. fast forward two weeks with him, i was doing very light assisted pullups and felt a light tear in my RIGHT bicep, and new right away what just happened. I left that PT that day and never went back, my dad is a chiropractor who is licensed to use PT equipt. so i just started going to him, and seeing my orthopedic, in july i got an MRI of my left elbow which showed moderate inflammation, and at this point i was taking 10 ibeauprofens a day and still absolutely NO lifting. in august i opted for a cortisone shot(even tho im totally against them) in my left medial epicondyle, and it didnt do that point i began noticing fasiculations(non painful) in my left that point i started taking fish oil, glucosamine, chondratonin with MSM, and ibeauprofen religiously, and things seemed to slowly be getting better, i even quit my job as a waiter to avoid any lifting..things stayed consistent but slowly got better through october, when i went into my surgeons office and asked "don't you think it could be my ulnar nerves" he replied probably not because i had no tingling in the arm whatsoever, or weakness. but i demanded an emg..just days after i felt a light tingle in my hand through my bottom two fingers, and new what to expect, days later my emg revealed a 42 NCV of both ulnar nerves, and medials tested out fine. at that point i began to spiral into depression, my girlfriend of 3 years left me because i became so depressed, i lost my basketball scholarship, and was holding out of work(i had money in the bank) hoping that little activity meant ulnar nerves seemed to get better but i did have light tingling in my carpal fingers as well, but soon after emg and my dad saying "its inflammation causing it" i had some yet little hope. fast forward to  november my tendonitis finally left both arms but cubital tunnel stayed persistant then  i was on the machine in the gym idk what its called but you sit(i think its for women) and drive the pads inward with your thighs, and my legs were realllly jumpy, but to tell you the truth i think thats always been that way(theres a point to this..) i had also began to start feeling my fasiculations all over my forward to december 1st, as i was walking home from the gym, LOWER BODY AND ABS ONLY(i started this soon after march 23 and never messed with arms once) i sat down at my computer and noticed my feet were tingling, no leg pain just abnormal nerve sensations in my feet, and i almost went nuts, i was still out of work, and the only time i was leaving the house at this point was for my community college classes, other than that i slept all day, but that was strictly my depression, i became severly depressed after the tingly feeling, a few days later i noticed tremors in my fingers, and then later realized they were everywhere, my face, mouth, feet, legs, arms, abs, hands, but nothing horrible, very mild tremors, at this point i became suicidal, no joke, i've lost everything, i got in a fight with my mom and told her i was gonna slit my wrists, and she called the cops, and i got taken into a psych ward for 10 days and it saved my life...after that i moved out of my moms because it was nothing but a depressive hole, and moved in with my sister, i tried to join the armed forces, every branch, i aced their tests, but none would take me with my pinched nerves and forward xmas eve, i couldnt take not lifting, and decided to just do pushups, like 200(10 sets)..i wasnt 4 pushups in when i felt a pain on my lateral side of my arm and new all to well it was no tennis elbow it was radial tunnel, BOTH arms..the radial tunnel is still here but forward january, i went to see a neurologist in ann arbor, mi, who told me my nervous system was in tact, and that he thinks the nerve injuries are overuse, but i've done only those pushups in almost a year now and theres no way what so ever its forward 2 weeks ago when i got a brain MRI which cleared anything central nervous system, i also got one of my neck that showed my nerves werent pinched in my neck, i knew that because there is only pain in my elbow and i need to go get blood tests done, and a whole bunch of other stuff i see the neuro monday..none of these symptoms have left, staticy feeling at the bottom of my feet seems consistant, fasiculations have died down a lil, tremors are the same, cubital tunnel seems to be worsening these past few days after months of minimal pain..still have tingling in other parts of my hand..

no one in my family has had ANY form of neuropathy, disability, any cns diseases, or anything..

i take 20 mg of adderall (adderrall) twice a day(have since i was 7), and thats all med wise(ps i quit taking adderall (adderrall) in december-feb because of fear that was it but no avail)

..any insight you may have regarding my situation would mean the world to me. this sits on my mind every minute of every day, i have lost so much through all of this and im sorry but this happens to 60 year olds not 19 year old athletes..i would literally murder to get back to the gym, nothing gets to me more than that, i started working two jobs when i was 16 because i take pride in my work, i did all the ways through when i got hurt, this kills me michaels never needed help, but now this beats my ego daily, i was a stud basketball player, was dating the best girl in the world, had great grades and dreams...and i've lost all of the above, please help me, im on my wits end here, thank you.
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Hey man,

I am 21 and I have been diagnosed with CuTS. Worst day of my life. I also was an avid lifter as well. I feel like I know EXACTLY what you have been going through. It was actually scary reading this just because I feel like I am living the same thing... Just know there are other people out there in your position. This crap is for old people. I weigh 170 and was benching 250 when CuTS came on. Now I am a twig with no upperbody strength. It's a joke. Definitely look into some of the decompression surgery's out there. I might end up goin down that route. I hate surgery, but I have had this for almost 9 months now and I am just sick of it. The surgery is supposedly not that bad either. Testemonials seem to suggest that you could be feeling perfect within a month of the surgery date (after Rehab and all that jazz mind you). I'd love to know where you are at today. No matter what, remember your not the only one with this.

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