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36 with Beckers MD
I'm applying for SSD, in october it will be my 4th year of waiting for SSD. I am rapidly deteriorating and seeking help. I have no money and no idea where to turn. I was looking into a stem cell procedure but its in China and it costs $25,000. Beike Biotechnology, Emily Russell was my contact with this firm. http://beikebiotech.com
I can not afford this treatment on my own.

1: So my first of three questions is: are there any Grant programs or any organazations who might be willing to help? After spending hours of research on the net this is my preffered treatment.

2: I am considering predisone but i'm worried about all of the side effectsdoes any one have any experiance with this treatment and possibly advice.

3: does ANYONE have any advice below I am listing my condition. I am also interested in becoming a lab rat for Muscular Dystrophy Research?!? any takers? I have no fear and can with stand allot of pain.

I am a 36 year old Male with Beckers Muscular Dystrophy. I have fought hard all my life and still walk for now. I fear that I will soon lose the ability to walk soon. I have several old injuries Knees, Ankles and even Hips. I have only listed the injuries to my lower body because that is what I am most worried about. I was able to fight long and hard enough to play High School football which is where I received most of my injuries.

Am I misssing anything? anything else I should list about my condition?
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