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4 yr. old with odd syptoms(symptoms)
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4 yr. old with odd syptoms(symptoms)

My son who is 4 recently had an MRI. It came back showing that he has delayed myelnation. He has also been having what he calls "weird tingly" feelings in his feet and legs. He wears eye glasses for his vision is so very bad. His left eye will not focus so he has to wear a patch for 2-3 hrs. a dy to try and correct this it is not helping. He has also been diagnosed with ADHD and SPD. My question is what does all this really mean? Could he have something seriously wrong? If so what could it be? I want to be as informed as I can if there is something wrong!
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The tingling in his feet and legs may be the beginnings of neuropathy.
I developed mild numbness in one foot, and was advised to take a good B complex vitamin.  This helped by the second day!
Supplementing with magnesium glycinate or taurinate may be helpful for the attention deficit, as would pharmaceutical quality fish oil.
In my experience, the combination of ADHD, neuropathy, and vision problems may indicate an underlying tick borne infection.

I feel sorry that your son has to go through all this.
How is he feeling now? How has been his development since birth, like walking, talking, and running, recognizing people, bowel and bladder independent controls among others? How were his developmental milestones?
MRI investigation suggests that he is bound to have developmental delay as there is delayed myelination.
A wide variety of abnormalities may have delayed myelination as part of the spectrum of abnormality seen on MRI. Delayed myelination may encompass Dysmyelination and demyelination. The term hypomyelination may refer to disorders involving delay in myelination, failure to maintain normal myelin and destruction of normal myelin (demyelination) as a result of previous insult and production of structurally abnormal myelin (Dysmyelination).
The causes of delayed myelination include congenital malformations, chromosomal, metabolic and degenerative disorders, hypoxic-ischemic injury, toxins, irradiation and congenital infection. Reversible delayed myelination may be seen in malnourished children particularly in vitamin B12 deficiency.
I think you should meet your child's neurologist and ask him about the MRI report.
Developmental delay can be helped with Infant stimulation programme.
Hope this helps.
My son is 5 months year old
he could not able holding head properly yet. MRI shows that delayed myelination and also white matter in the brain not developed well is due to because during his birth insufficient oxyzen to his brain is the main cause. Doctor's suggest that stimulation would help him, but it is a hope. Now i want to know what is his problem actullay. in future how i overcome this things

please help me.....
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