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Advice needed,,whole body numbness, tingling, sudden jerky movements
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Advice needed,,whole body numbness, tingling, sudden jerky movements

Advice needed,,whole body numbness, tingling, sudden jerky movements

If someone could read & give me your thoughts/suggestions==I'd really appreciate it !!

Happy New Year to All !!


47yr old female, 5'2", 168lbs

Medical Conditions
*  Several bouts with minor depression
*  One period of mania
*  One 2 year period of major depression brought on by divorce
*  12yrs ago multiple rounds of ECT (electro-convulsive therapy)
*  Sleep Apnea
*  Narcolepsy
*  Double vision (worse when lying sideways & close vision)
*  On and off swallowing/throat problems (last sev weeks & then disappears..have had about 30 or so incidents,drs. never able to figure out why)
*  tremors (worse in morning-mainly shows in hands..sometimes head)
*  Continual constipation
*  no energy..fatigue especially in last few years
*  Painful, sudden spikes of pain in toes(once or twice a day)
*  Continual soreness & stiffness all over body,,oftn very difficult & painful to get out of bed in the morning (have to hold on to furniture to gain balance and lean on for support)

Current medications:

*  7yrs ago--24/7 total body numbess/major pain increasing over
6-9 months from no apparant injury
*  Referred to surgeon, ACDF cervical C-5 to C-7
*  B4 surgery, had brain MRI done...dont have copy of results:
* 2007 increased neck/arm pain
* Cervical MRI,,,,No major changes
*  Brain MRI…..several FLAIR punctate hyperintensities in the occipital lobes
bilaterally, unchanged from previous lesions, masses,
etc., normal vascular flows..some motion degradation.
IMPRESSION: Findings consistent with chronic small vesssel
ischemic changes in white matter tracts in the occipital lobes

(my 76yr old father..just recently had a very significant stroke-
related to the caratoid)  also have family history of Parkinson’s.. paternal grandfather & father

* Over last 6 years, on & off pain...
* Have always experienced moderate twitching while falling
asleep..recently severe jerking..even during the daytime..even
whole upper body, head, legs/feet (twice while driving) even my
stomach !!
* Just experencied six months of continual numbness & tingling of left side arm/hand..sometimes stomach/foot/leg & head cervical MRI, shows increasing degeneration, but nothing to
point to the reason for the recent numbness/tingling/pain

* Had Eeg done--diagnosed with pro nator teres syndrome..nothing abnormal..except I do have INCREDIBLY
sensitive reflexes,,,,,referred to ortho surgeon..after looking at EEG and then cervical mri from 5 yrs ago,,he ordered an immediate cervical mri and referred me back to my original cervical surgon,,mri came back  relatively
normal..just a little more degeneration.
After 6 mos, numbness and severe pain disappeared

* Two months ago, had 2 mornings/nights with severe dizziness
only briefly while rising & walking short distances to the
* Severe short & long term memory issues.
* A day ago, while folding laundry (t-shirts to be specific) I held
the shirt up in front of mind went totally blank and I could
not remember how to fold it..i started to get scared..then after 2
or 3 came back
* at least several times a week i can drive a period of several blocks or more and not remember having seen anything on the drive

Recently had to start searching for a job after working 25+ years for same employer...i m very concious of my memory limitations...i would so love to go back to school & get a nursing-even a medical coding job. I realize that there's no way I could do anything that requires strong memory skills and it really bothers me.

Over the years increasing persistant pain/soreness/stiffness in
entire body(went to problems)
did order MRI of my left knee..results (don't have technical
report) but it was basically bone on bone at kneecap

Any info & suggestions would be appreciated…sometimes I get so frustrated and I think this is just part of getting old and I need to just deal with it…somebody please give their thoughts,,,thank you

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Hey Jennifer!

Well. Without a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include stress/ anxiety/ psychological issues, hormonal/ endocrine abnormalities, micronutrient deficiencies, neuro-muscular causes such as myopathies/ neuropathies, low blood sugar, low/ high blood pressure, sleep disorders, heavy metal poisoning, systemic infections/ inflammations etc. I would suggest considering a detailed evaluation by an internist initially and depending on the cause(s) diagnosed/ suspected, it can be managed accordingly or specialist care may be sought.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Thank you so much for internist, do you mean a GP? In the last week or so I've had some really scary memory-related issues:
~ 12/1 taking call at work w/trainee listening in mind went totally blank for about 5 seconds..could not remember what I was saying or thinking

~ 1/1/13 could not remember how to fold a t-shirt..mind was blank for at least 5 seconds..then i got scared & i remembered

~  1/7/13 could not remember how to switch from cd to radio in my car

1/8/13 could not find my car in a parking garage that i park in every day.. it took me over an hour

I'm thinking I might need to see a neurologist or should i try the GP first?

thank u so much for your time!
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