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All body tremor and...

I'm a 35 years old man. I have a set of very strange problems that I describe below:

1. Six months ago approx, I started to feel a very strange chest pain; I went to ER, they performed an ECG, everything got normal; but the pain continued; I visited several GP and they told me I have costochondritis and gave me Vitamin B and Ibuprofen. The medicines did not work and I continue having such chest pain. I went to the traumatologist, they performed me a X-Ray and everything got normal.

2. Started to loss weight [though the last time I weighted me, I gain 1Kg :D]

3. Started to feel a sensation like having a caffeine buzz. A full tremor inside, but nothing exterior.

4. The tremor started to be apparent externally. My hands have a mild tremor when I open them fully; and I started to have a lot of tremors in my face: My cheek starts to tremble when I smile a little bit; I tremble when I frown and my lip started to tremble also when I move it like kissing.

I went to the neurologist, he performed an electroencephalogram, everything got normal; he gave me carbamazepine with no effect at all and he also prescribed me diazepam (with no effect at all).

5. I got adult acne one month ago, approx.

Do you have some similar problems? or do you have something to recommend me? Do you think the chest pain can be related to my problems?

Please help me with this because I'm completely concerned.

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