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Anhidrosis is Hell
Dear Doctor

For the past 2 years I have been suffering from Anhidrosis (Absent Sweating). I experiance such symptoms as 1)Absent Sweating, 2)Dry Skin, 3)High Body Tempreature and 4)Red Hot Flushed Face. I went from sweating alont to not sweating at all.

I believe that I may suffer from Autonomic Neuropathy and this might be causing it. I have a question that I want you people to answer. I am so desperate.

Is there any treatments/cure for  Anhidrosis that is caused by Autonomic Neuropathy?

Are there any vitamins that could restore sweat function in a person who suffers from Anhidrosis?

Is there any evidence that Alpha Lipoic Acid can treat nerve damage that leads to Anhidrosis?

If I do have Autonomic Neuropathy and get it treated, will I be able to sweat again?

I have read that Aquaporins 5 are essential for sweat proudction, is there any way of injecting Aquaporins 5 in the body to re-activate the sweat glands?

I have read on the Cleveland Clinic Website that they do treat people with Anhidrosis, Can you explain some of the treatments that the Cleveland Clinic would treat Anhidrosis with?

Are there any clinical trials for Anhidrosis?

Are there any drugs that cause excessive sweaing and that stimulate both nerves and sweat glangs?

Please Doctor/Specialist. I am so desperate and I want answers to my question and I would like to get some good news and some hope for curing myself of this awfull condition. I am very misserable and so demoralized and so badly want hope. Please give me some!
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